A new beginning

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

For almost 3 years I have been thinking about launching my own website, but it was supposed to be now. It seems that I have taken a 180-degree turn for the good since I have been back in India. I have started at least 6 initiatives in office and personal life and I have been working hard to achieve all of those. Moving all my personal data to a hosted and self-managed domain is just one of them. And here you see the fruits of my hard labor showing up. Please be prepared to bookmark the following:

  • Kapil Viren Ahuja – a quick peek into who I am. This is just a beginning and I will add more details to this in coming months about my family, career etc.
  • Gallery – this will host a collection of pictures related to major events that happen in my life. I will try to add details of past events too but I promise myself to add albums as new things unfold (if you see not much things here, be patient)
  • Scratch Pad – This is going to my official technical website from now onwards. This name stuck with me many years back and I have kept it so. This website will be an anchor to all the things I have done and I will do in technology
  • Projects – I have worked on numerous projects in my entire career, and most of them have been built on top of frameworks and utilities I have taken from the community. This website will host details of all those projects and my effort to give it back to the community.

I want to thank you all in reading my blogs in the past and encouraging me to take it to the next level. My previous two blogs will remain as is for all those users who do not wish to change their bookmarks. They will have excerpts form my new website.

I feel cheated by Google

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator)
Image by Aray Chen via Flickr

I got to this post through a fellow blogger, and you can read all about it in my technical blog here. Listen to the video below first before I go about whay I fele this is so serious.

However it is an important topic that I do want to make it available to many people, and as much as I can. This video tells us about what companies like Google and Facebook are doing and how they are writing algorithms so that we get to see based on what we have seen in the past and not really showing us what else exists.

While I see that as a valuable asset, it limits the possibilities where we can know more about something. So, if I am not following world disasters, does that mean if something happens around the world which is a big one I should not know about it. At least they should tell me that I am not seeing that data and it is out there. My concern is not I am getting personalized data, but that I was not made aware that the data is being filtered out. I believe in Google, yahoo news and so many others and noticed that I was getting information on the web, but it seemed I was not and they are not telling me.

I feel cheated. Google should know better and give me an option to select what I want to see – personalized or not. They can not take away my right to information based on how I have been browsing.


I do not have copyrights on the Video, it is courtesy Ted.com