Road to World Cup 2011 – Edition 1 (1992)

This is not a road for a cricketer or a team, this is my road to the 6th Cricket World Cup that I am going to now follow in 2011. I remember that my love for cricket almost started with the World Cup of 1992 and has not stopped since then. Even though, I may have stopped following the game as actively as I could in the past, I still am a huge fan of the greatest event on the face of the earth (okay maybe 2nd FIFA being the first).


Not a very good year for the Team India. This one was played in Australia and New Zealand and I  dont remember a lot of what happened in that world cup. I remember clearly the semi and final matches. I had a bet running with my dad and brother on who would win. Pakistan had beaten NZ in the first semi and were waiting on the second finalist. the second finalist would have been between England and South Africa. It was the first WC for SA and they had made a big impact. The deal i Had with my brother was that if England wins, then Pakistan will win the cup but is SA qualifies then SA will win the cup. English beat the SA in a very crucial and heart-breaking finish. The DL method left SA needing 22 runs in 1 ball and they lost the semis and Pakistan completed their victory.

I dont remember much of India in the WC and one reason for that is that India performed very bad in the WC. The likes of Gavaskar, Shastri and a few more did not much and I think India finished 7th in the WC. There were 9 participating teams in the competition and it was sad to see India perform so bad. They just won 2 matches and I loved when they beat Pakistan. A few things that happened new in this edition was the: Day and night matches, white balls and colored uniforms.


1996 was a much more to remember and I will cover that in my second edition.