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Recent Success // Relish

It has been a while since I have been back to my blog and I have been feeling that i am missing my whole point of why I started this – to leave back a legacy a story that my kid can read and know her dad more. Last year I have been busy a […]

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Success is like a fart, you can tolerate your own

I don’t believe in this; but I do want say it out loud that people who believe in this statement are the who are not true leaders. They spend time in thinking how to make others life miserable.

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Measure Success | Through your own measures

Do not loose faith in God. Consider him to be your friend and He, while you do not know He already is. He is already is watching over you and protecting you against many ill-things, you just do not realize.

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Face of Education System in Delhi

I just wrapped up the admissions for my daughter who still has to turn 3 for the pre-nursery class. The process was not a smooth one but by Grace of God, I was lucky to find a seat for my daughter. In retrospect, when I think of all that had happened in last 35 days […]

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Giving up

No one gets to world-class in their work or in their personal lives without a relentless devotion to not giving up. Only those people are called heros who chose not to give up. Remember the war of “Troy”; a giant win only when it seemed like a tragic defeat. Life often sends us curve balls; […]

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Bricks of Life

I was standing on my porch and when I noticed some masons working on a house. I saw them picking up bricks and putting them together and in a little while there was a wall; a little while later there was a structure of what later may be a beautiful room in the house. Thinking […]

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