Recent Success // Relish

It has been a while since I have been back to my blog and I have been feeling that i am missing my whole point of why I started this – to leave back a legacy a story that my kid can read and know her dad more.

Last year I have been busy a project that I was working on during my tenure for Sapient Nitro. I joined Sapient Nitro back in Nov 2012 and by April 2013, I

The NASCAR Busch Series field at Texas Motor S...
The NASCAR Busch Series field at Texas Motor Speedway in April 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

was already working for one of the most well known Sports Giant in USA ~ NASCAR. Yeah you heard me right – I was (one of) the Architect on the project and was responsible for delivery from India team. It was a long project and needed me to step up big time. It took a lot for me to get back to what I was several years before. Once I was in the grove it was plain and simple fun for me.

After spending 12 months on the project, I can proudly announce my success looking at the following 3 dimensions

  • Delivering a new platform which is viewed by millions of people when their races are one;
  • I was nominated and then won the Distinguished Technologist Award in Sapient. This award is given to a selected few every year and I was selected as the one of the technologists who made a difference;
  • Got promoted as Sr. Manager Technology and it felt great because i had just joined as Manager Tech and in a year’s time I had proven myself yet again



Success is like a fart, you can tolerate your own

no fart sign
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It is important to start by saying that I do not believe in this statement. This is what I read a few days ago on someone’s Facebook wall (I don’t remember who; not that it matters).

But I do want to point out that people who believe in this statement are the ones from who you can expect a lot of office politics because these are the kinds of people who will do anything to keep you down and out in office, these are the people who spend time in thinking how to make other’s life miserable and not work towards the greater cause. These are the people who are not leaders because leaders believe in growing together.

If you ever come against someone who believes in this in your office try to stay away and done be a jerk.

Measure Success | Through your own measures

Being the best has different has just one meaning for everyone – “Do it like no one else can do it”. But, the difference in opinion comes where people see things differently. Can be two things basically:

1. What people think is the best
2. What you think is the best

The big question if who is going to measure the success? Does Someone needs to? Is it so? I do not think so. I believe in one thing – “If you can be honest to yourself, you do not need to prove to the world what is right or wrong”. Many people spend their entire lifetime making others believe in what they think that people find it right, when the right is what they know they have.

Important thing is to realize the truth and be calm about it; God will then one day through His own ways prove you correct. Believe me, He will do that; it is just a matter of time when that happens. Do not loose faith in Him. Consider him to be your friend and hHe, while you do not know He already is. He is already is watching over you and protecting you against many ill-things, you just do not realize.

Realization…. this is something we will talk about some time later. For now I need to doze off.

Good night.

Face of Education System in Delhi

I just wrapped up the admissions for my daughter who still has to turn 3 for the pre-nursery class. The process was not a smooth one but by Grace of God, I was lucky to find a seat for my daughter. In retrospect, when I think of all that had happened in last 35 days and also when I read the plight of the parents who were unable to secure a seat for their beloved ones in the first list, I have following to share.


The problem

  1. Schools are not distributed appropriately in Delhi. To top this up, only a few schools enjoy a great reputation that has been built up by Media for publicity reasons.
  2. The population of children who seek admission are all over the city and some find themselves in areas that do not come close to any school. While those who live close by do not have live close to those so-thought of reputed schools
  3. The education ministry is not thinking of solving the problem in any way. They are trying out options that seem to have no thinking behind the process. It almost seems that planning is missing completely from the process



Every problem has certain symptoms. This entire process is so flawed that I can write the symptoms of the issues like an Epic. But I am going to list only a few.  No aanalysis has been done to find out, how the schools are spread out across the city and find ways to increase the penetration in those areas which do not have coverage by schools. Yet, there has been emphasis on neighborhood and choice of people to place their children in schools close to their homes.

There is no way to govern the admission process. Schools on the first instance throw the RTE out of the window. Many schools do not even release the points that all the students scored and are not willing to answer any queries of any of the parents.

The process is manual. When we find universities taking a step to common admission form way back in 1990s, the school admissions still is a process that needs parents to go from school to school. It is unclear why can not they learn from the university admissions and incorporate some of the good things from there.

In a country where we have been preaching about equality, the process where we start the education of the people of the nation is jarred with discrimination and that too so many – boy/girl child; single parents; siblings; alumni. The message we are sending to the future citizens of the nation is that you need to have privileges of some kind.

The privilege part which is based on the point systems, also introduces a feeling of guilt within the parents. Some of the great aspects of the Indian culture suddenly look like evils – happily married is not preferred; boy child is on an dis-advantage and a few more.

The process is completely skewed by the fact that shelling out some additional money will give you certificates of facts that do not exist and schools do not have the workforce to validate them.



It will be simple – some will secure a seat and others will not. Those who will secure a seat will do so by either some luck or if they have some resources that others cant afford. But, the main point to note is that the process, the point system that was put in place is a total loss. If admissions are to happen on luck, lets not complicate the process. Lets simple have a draw of lottery. And now it hits me – Mr. Lovely had suggested that but it was opposed by everyone. Now I am thinking, maybe that is how it should have been – luck is what gave admissions to children even with the point system.

Is there a solution – well I do not have one right now. I do not have the resources of the information to do so. But, I hope that DoE wakes up and does something about it. I am sad to see how we start the education of the children of this nation.

Giving up

No one gets to world-class in their work or in their personal lives without a relentless devotion to not giving up. Only those people are called heros who chose not to give up. Remember the war of “Troy”; a giant win only when it seemed like a tragic defeat.

Life often sends us curve balls; and has other things planned. We dream some dreams and expect then to come true. But no matter how hard we try, the clouds never part. Luck never smiles on us. But we continue to toil in darkness. That’s fine.

But sometimes, you get to a point where you just know. It’s not about losing hope. It’s about trusting life. That there’s an even better thing waiting for you. I will try to live a simple philosophy: “do your best and let life do the rest.” knowing it is not easy to let go of what you want. But, I will not loose faith and trust in God that there is something even better waiting just around the corner?

Bricks of Life

I was standing on my porch and when I noticed some masons working on a house. I saw them picking up bricks and putting them together and in a little while there was a wall; a little while later there was a structure of what later may be a beautiful room in the house.

Thinking of life in the same way; we are born and a foundation is laid. Then it is our parents who try to provide the best foundation during our childhood. Then we grow up and find life throwing bricks at us every day. It is then us only who can pick those up and build a great building or leave them scattered.

Just like we put together bricks to build a house that provides us shelter in stormy weathers, we should use the bricks of life to build a house of experience to help us in difficult times.