Assassins Creed 3 // A Mixed bag

Last week I started playing the game and earlier this week I finished it as well. It is not that I played for hours. All in all this one had about 12 sequences each having

Assassin's Creed: Lineage
Assassin’s Creed: Lineage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3-5 missions that needed completion. Now that I am done, I realize that I would have been able to finish the game in flat 10 hours if it wasn’t for the glitches and all those side missions that kept propping up and I felt that the need to do all of those because it would have an impact on how the game unfolds.


At some level, the game is dis-appointing when I consider the prequels like the Brotherhood and Revelations. I could have finished the game without needed a single pound (it was dollars in the previous versions). The game stands completed with 40% still undone so which means there are missions all over the place that I can go back and do with the only incentive being a completion rate and no impact on the main story. The things that I don’t like are

  • There are glitches at some places. Some of these glitches don’t open up missions on maps and you have to run around and even then they won’t come up. While at times it does makes a difference when you go to the place, sometimes they just don’t popup and it gets frustrating
  • Game actually hung on me twice and I had to restart the console – this has never happened with any of the games AC or anything else
  • The main missions are way too easy when compared to the older versions. I went back to see if there is a way to set the difficulty (like GOW) but there is none. The soldiers are way too less and I was able to kill all of them no matter how many would come even with the basic of the weapons with which i started the game. The ship fights were a little tight, but once I got the hang of it they were way too easy
  • Contrary to previous point, the side missions are way too much and some of them are nuisance like catching wild animal in the Frontier
  • AC3 has an open world that is way more than any of the previous games which eventually seems like a distraction and does not adds to the game. Like in previous ones, I would have expected the need of earning money to be key as I would need advanced weapons but none of that is needed in this version. I can finish all main missions without doing any side missions
  • I missed the free running missions // they are just so less in this version of the game. Last few games free running was just amazing and having missions around those were simply awesome to master. AC3 doesn’t have a lot of it.


Of course that the game did have its good parts as well

  • The whole driving a ship in the open sea and get into a battle of different kind was pretty cool. I had a few battles and it was cool killing ships with different set of weapons
  • Another thing that was good about this was the aspect of how the game gets realistic. If you are doing a mission like assisting a farmer harvesting, the missions comes up only if it is daytime because logically during day time the farmers would be sleep. There were hints of this Revelations when we had to conquer forts and there were shift changes if a captain/officer would flee the attack and you would have to wait
  • Side missions are nice some of those especially the homestead ones as it gives you a feel of growing the town unlike the previous ones where you buy shops, banks, etc and just earn money. This one makes you earn your money whether it is by growing homestead or saving your convoys from getting destroyed. It is like you are vested in yout little investment which was nice
  • Some of the movements are more streamlined like the Free Running is smoother than previous ones. Some of the new movements like jumping over not so high fences and then diving underneath opening are new moves which make this more real and fast. However, I would have liked to see more free running missions which are fun part and are very little here



If you have’t played this series then this is not the one to begin with a) you will not gather any context & story and b) you will not find this one boring as the main story is very limited and not that interesting compared to previous ones. But, then how can you not have played AC2, ACB or ACR. SO go and buy those 3 and then come to this one.

Why would you come to by AC3? For kicks of not missing any of the series. The cost is a bit steep given the fact that the game is almost a year old. Maybe wait for AC4 release and the price drops and you can buy. The game is still worth, because it changes how you interact with the game and the experience is still nice given you got to spend a few hours and you can always come back to achieve all 100% completion which would be interesting. There is so much side stuff you can do so if you are getting bored you can always go back for the side stuff. On the face value of main story alone, I wouldnt recommend, but as an overall package and being the series I wouldnt miss for the world.

Now decide who you are? Are you a series fan? Then go get it today.

2012: Week 6 in review

I am too exhausted to write the review, so I am going to write the highlights:

  • Work was easy, but picking up speed. Work is cutting edge, and every day when I learn more I get even more excited
  • Work week ended on a high note with things looking positive
  • Saturday was Aabhya’s 4th birthday and we had a lot of fun. First half spent with usual activities and in evening we celebrated her birthday at Mc Donalds, Punjabi Bagh and Aabhya loved it all the way
  • Sunday was resting and then in afternoon watched “Ek Tu Aur Ek Main”
  • India beat Australia in a ODI which was nice, but there was still some disappointment because Sachin was dropped
  • Did well on some Goals – especially on Sleeping on time and Getting things done. Reducing weight is not working out and I continue to eat more and more on the weekends. Financial goals are also not working out very well and I am still confused on one specific thing which might solve this

Good night; we will talk more about this next week.

2012: Week 1 in review

Unexpected is the only word I have to describe how this week went for me. I have been thinking, but then on Jan 2 is when I finally sat down and locked my Goals for 2012. And surprisingly, I have been done well against my goals – exceeding my expectations. As I did state in my goals, if I can drop watching TV, I would have a lot of time on my hands and yesterday and today simply proved how true this statement was. I was able to wrap up a 500 pager book by simply not watching TV. I now just need to find ways to utilize my time more productively – before I end up developing a habit of reading books that leave as just as lazy.

On career front, I am on the verge of writing articles for another online community. I received their invitation last night and after reviewing all that they have to offer, I just replied back gladly accepting their invitation. When I first started blogging in 2008 – I had two objectives:

  1. Give something back to the community – this was evident in a short while as people started to like my posts and added references to their articles

2. Get people to know me by virtue of something that I deliver

After 4 years of blogging, things are finally paying off. The second objective was much more important to me than the first one. And now, that I am already writing for DZone and now this new partnership – I feel a sense of proud that people who may have never met me are having an active dialogue with me through my work and they may be discussing it elsewhere.

In the sports arena, India lost their 2nd test match against Australia and it is their 6th straight loss abroad. A team that was ranked #1 just a few months back just and then they dropped to #3 after being whitewashed by England. They got back to #2 only because SA was not doing so well. Another whitewash is looking on the cards ans this will take India to most certainly #3 and may even push then down to #4 (Australia may be #3). Last year when India was riding the success of their World Cup victory, I wrote a few articles about Dhoni and how he had missed a cue. Suddenly, when I was reading the news today morning – Gavaskar, and other experts were saying the same thing. Australia is back to it resurgence and I have a feeling that very soon we are going to see them back to where they belong. Unless Dhoni does something different – he is simply going to wash out himself.

Preeti and Aabhya have been in Muzafarpur for this entire week; while I was supposed to fly out on Friday – some office work kept me back in Delhi. Last night when I went to sleep – I was missing Aabhya like anything. Today morning – Aparna also went back home and Misha is also gone. She reminds me of my days with Aabhya – but Aparna is too paranoid about so many things, that I do not spend too much time with Misha. But, my short visits to her room and whatever time I spend with her makes me happy and brings back all the memories of time I spent with Aabhya. Misha is a very quite child and will look so intently at you that sometimes I think that how can a child so small have such a good focus (maybe it is not, but it sure seems she is observing a lot).