Why I Left (via somemusician)

I reblog this post because of the discussion that has happened via comments. You will see as you read the comments that I have a different opinion about this topic as the author.

However, somewhere when we talk about religion and how the it has been used today to preach God is where I will agree with. His words – “It was at this point, where I realized that what I had been spoon-fed for the past twenty years may actually have been an utter and profound lie.” – where a chord strikes on how I think about preaching of religion in its current form.

P.S.: I do not mean to disrespect anyone’s believes. This is just how I think.

To be sure, there are many reasons why I left Christianity. However, I was asked today what was the one thing that was the *ahem* nail in the coffin for me. When I was a Christian (has it really only been a few months?), I, like many others, partook in the daily ritual of morning devotions. One day, I stumbled across 1 Peter 3:15. Upon reading this, I realized that my belief was without rational justification and evidentiary support. “Well,” I th … Read More

via somemusician