Rotate Sachin? Why? Even Stats are saying otherwise

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Yesterday (Feb 12), was when India beat Australia in a ODI in a decent manner, yet all I felt was disappointment. For the first time, I was not happy that my team had won, I was rather sad how they have decided to treat their master batsman.

India in the recent CB series came up with a rotation policy – they started off by resting Sehwag, followed by Gambhir and on Sunday they rested Sachin. From all the various games I have seen over the years – Cricket, Soccer, Basketball – rotation has been a useful thing when a team is struggling and they managers/coaches/captains need to find a set of players that tick. However, the way India management (including Dhoni) has handled rotation simply makes no sense to me and to experts as well – several articles have been published where people have questions this policy. A few are listed here:

Let’s simply look at how the top 3 have been performing in Australia in recent times (not considering the ODI on Sunday because decision to rotate out Sachin was done before that match) – and I dont have to put forward stats to tell that Sachin has been most consistent. Sachin has not amassed a big score yet has has provided us with consistent starts. Gambhir on the other hand was a complete flop in test matches, but in a few T20 and ODI that we have played he had already played a crucial inning in T20 to take India to a win. Now, lets ask what has Sehwag done – apart from that one inning in Adelade in Test match and that too where he got out to a full-toss.

Understood that we do not want to play all the 3 because that forces us to leave Raina or Rohit out – that makes sense. But, when you have 2 openers – Sachin and Gambhir doing well for you – why rotate them out? Makes no sense to me – does it make any sense to you? What it only does is add extra pressure to the top-3 for India. Where they lived in harmony, not they are playing for a spot (including Sachin and Sehwag). You can call it team work and that everyone understands, but  hear otherwise because Gambhir after scoring a crucial 92 quoted

This XI had that belief that we can beat Australia today. For me this was the best playing XI. It’s not about names, it’s about people who can go out there and have that belief from No. 1 to No. 11. If they have the belief that ‘yes, we can win this game’, that’s the best playing XI. You don’t want names, you want people who can deliver. We have shown it, I think

“We don’t want names, we want people who can deliver…” would I be wrong if I read this as “Sachin is a name” – do you want me to bring out the stats again? Gambhir is a captain – KKR and he could be looking at the vice captaincy in some time. He has to be wise before saying. I can see that he might be under stress with his position in the team not sure at this point especially when Kohli has been doing so well.

To the rotation policy, this is the last thing we want to happen in the team – when one player thinks that the person who has been rotated out is not needed any more. We need to send a clear message if someone is dropped. And then if India team has to drop out Sachin Tendulkar especially in his current form or should I say in Indian team’s current form, does not make fans like me happy. If Sachin is available for selection, I want to see him play. Sachin is someone who knows when the time has come to go and he will go. He if God of cricket and if you have God on your side and you dont play him, even when your other openers are not preforming…..

I have this bad feeling in my stomach since yesterday that tell me, that Sachin maybe has outgrown the game – maybe he should just let go. We all know he loves the game and we know he is still performing, can will continue till he knows he can perform. It is just too hurtful to see our beloved icon, sitting on a bench.

Whats the fuss | Porn?

Last few days have been interesting given that a “taboo” topic was brought to the center of everyone’s life. Where families like mine we would not speak of the topic, News, Entertainment, name it – everyone was talking about it – Porn. And it all started in the middle of political arena when the news of 3 ministers in Karnatka assembly watching porn on their mobile phones spread like wildfire. It had to because this time it was BJP on the line especially when Congress has been taking the heat for a long time. They had to retaliate, but they got the reasons all wrong.

I have been hearing of this case on Radio channels for last couple of days, and have been thinking why the fuss. Last night, a fellow blogger wrote about this which summarizes my views on the topics.

I can’t reconcile with the fact that these ministers have resigned from their post if the reason was that they were not doing their work, but everyone around is talking about “they were watching porn” makes no sense to me. A very popular radio station has been mocking the same reason when one of their self-marketing slogan “Aaj ka radio station” has a teaser “Baap ke zamaane main danda maarne ke kaam aata tha, aur aaj ke zamaane main…” (rest we all know what they want to imply).

Seriously?! How can a media group lay double standards in same breath? Lets penalize the ministers for not doing their jobs, but not for watching something that is so open now in everyday world. Another fellow blogger wrote about the movie Ra-one placed as a Children movie, and i agree with him. I was looking forward to watching this movie on a Sunday night with my family and after 20 minutes, I had to turn back to another channel because it had profanity beyond reason.

Media – phew we all know what they can do, this is just another example.


Update: updated the text after reading Asif’s comment, I did a typo… Oops!!

Society will remain “messed” unless we do something

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Our society is terribly messed up and we are heading towards a melt-down. Sooner or later, there will be a revolution when the minorities – not caste, not religion but all those who suffer will loose their patience and will rise in union to overhaul the current system we have. The greater the Evil, the greater the Good – it is only time when masses of people will rise to uphold what is right and it will be marred with blood in hope that the world there on will be a better one. A fellow blogger posted about why he likes politics. His post is interesting and in the most uncanny manner highlights that if we want to fight anything we should first fight the evil in us. If we are ready to suffer the pain of our righteous decisions then “corrupter’s” will be left no option but to do their job. In recent times, we have been taught that with “bribe” we can get anything we want easily and we do not want to wait. We do not want suffer the consequences of our decisions even if they are right (me included). And then, we want people like Anna to fight for us. So convenient!!

Until, then lets continue to boil this Ocean of Emotions, one day we would have done enough to generate the heat that is needed.

Sack Dhoni?

This will be the biggest mistake that BCCI can possibly do at this time. India has seen a lot of success in recent past under Dhoni. Given, last 7 months have also seen India slump in the Test Format, but scaking Dhoni is the last thing Indian Cricket wants to happen.

Dhoni has come out and sent a clear message in what I feel is the political correct way, that we do not have any one else who is best suited for the job. Dhoni is captain cool and handles pressure very well on the field where others have failed. He sure needs a team around him to perform, he can only do so much as a captain. As a leader he has the responsibility of the team success and failures and there are things he needs to do with the help of BCCI, but sacking him is something that should not happen. With the rumor around some of the senior players exiting the team, we cant afford changing the captain. Gambhir, Sehwag, Yuvraj or Kohli need to focus on the roles they play in the team which is not captaincy.

Lets hope we continue to have Dhoni as the captain until we can build a plan around the changes. If some of the senior players go, he will have to take a lot of flack on failures if younger players take time to come around, but he is the best person who can take that pressure and keep it away from the field.

I wish him all the best for the upcoming year.

Where does it end for Indian Team?

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In December last year, as India was starting its tour of Australia, we all had high hopes – India had not done so well against England, but we knew Australia was also struggling and for some reason we all hoped that England was a bad dream.

Yet, the dream continued and Clark & Co. made sure that they do not let Indian team even a droplet of respite. They came time and again inning after inning and made sure that India was kept on back foot. Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and finally Adelade – Indian Team hardly had any chance. All of India went through the pain of seeing their team loose 8 test matches on the trot on foreign soil. And I do not see the end anywhere near.

Last 2 series we have been saying that it is the “Speed” of the pitches that we are not prepared for. Less that 6 months, and India will be playing in the sub-continent against their neighbors. This will really let us what is wrong with the Indian Team – the pitches or something more fundamental. Unlike West Indies who we played in 2011, Sri Lanka themselves are looking for wins and will not make it easy for Team India.

To top it all, there have been rumors of the Trinity resigning, where the players have not been saying anything about the topic. It is just so frustrating not to see what the Indian think tank is thinking. Or are they waiting for another train wreck to happen. Many have said, retiring the seniors as they are not moving their best is the way to fix the team; while some are saying we need an overhaul of the India Cricket. While all this happen, the players themselves have come out and spoken like they do not care (or at least that is how I feel). When I feel embarrassed, the way my team played, how can Ashwin not feel the same way. I guess that is what leads to these losses. It was Ashwin, only who did say (paraphrase and not quote) “We have lost the series and hence we have nothing to loose”.

If this is the attitude of the Indian Team, then this downfall will never end. We first need to a way to motivate ourselves into winning, they need to decide what the benchmark is. They set it too low, and we will never be the best team in World. And, same goes for the legends too. I love Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag – they have done things for this team that I can not say less. But, they need to either step up or step down.

Sehwag – has a test average of 50+ which is awesome, but since 2010 when he played New Zealand where his match score was 150 (96 & 54), he has had only one 100+ match score in 13 matches he has played. Until that test match Sehwag has been consistent in scoring centuries say one in every 5 matches (on average). So that average would work because then there were others who would score around him and provide India a solid start.

Dravid – has a test average of 52 which again is awesome. And he has been doing better scoring 7 centuries since 2010. Yet, he has failed to perform in the other inning of the match. None of the match scores are over 200 since playing Sri Lanka in Nov 2009.

Sachin – with a test average of 55+ no matter what I say about him is going to be less. He has always come back and proven people wrong. Whenever someone said – he is done; he would come and show why he is God of Cricket. Yet, he has also now scored a match score of 200+ since October 2010, where he scored a double century against Australia in Bangalore.

No one wants to let go of their legends, but a time comes when we have to let go. Not when they are in their prime, certainly not when they are at their worst – we need to find a time when they can add value to the team and get a player ready to replace them. This time I think we have missed our opportunity and it will come to haunt us very bad and we as fans will have to live with many more losses after we have seen the rise of India Cricket.

The worst is that I do not see an End in sight.

Is Love Enough? via The inner anti-matter

“Them or Me?” – I pray that none of us find themselves standing at crossroads

English: Love question

when they have to choose between two people. This question will always rip someone apart – a situation than can only lead to a scar for the rest of their lives to all the parties – You (who has been asked to decide); the “Me” (who has asked you to make the choice); the “Them” (one who Questioner has decided to break all bonds).

Yet, if life brings us to that crossroads, it is unto us to make the decision and live with it the rest of our lives. Most often than not, we do not try to understand the “Me” as to why they are making this decision. We make all the efforts to understand what went wrong between the “Me” and “Them”, but we forget that the “Me” is beyond the point. If they have come to this, the battle has been lost and “You” can do nothing that can change their mind. All they are looking for at that time is support.

“You” forget that the “Me” asked “You”, because “You” matter in their lives. “Me” did not decide to just leave, “Me” asked “You” to join them to walk the path and share the pain. “Me” wants to be with “You” and try to heal the wound they have just given “You”. “Me” asked you to let go a part of your life, because “Me” does not want to let go of “You”.

If is then that “You” will have to decide is you can spend the rest of your life not hating “Me” for what they did. If you can not forgive in that very instant, then the war is lost. “You” will ask “Me” to forgive and let go, but “You” have to do this first and walk the path and make sure that they converge back.

One may argue, that the “Me” is not considerate towards the feelings of that someone special – yet “Me” chose “You”; if you think “Me” loves “You”, the question remains – do you? The question remains – if “You” would have asked that question, would “Me” be their for “You”.

One may argue, that “You” would never do this. And that is who “You” are. “Me” is who he/she is. If “You” can not live with for what they are (which might not be what they have been); then “You” have just witnessed the death of that relationship. “You” very well might choose “Them”. The question remains – do you want to live with “Me” and hate them or let go and love “Me” for what he/she was.

One may argue, that “Me” is not considering “Your” feelings and they are being stubborn on their irrational logic. One may argue that “Me” does not love “You” because they are ready to cause you pain and ignoring what “You” want. The question remains – “Do you love them”.

The question remains – “Is Love Enough”.

via Is Love Enough? | The inner anti-matter.

Indian Cricket team in submission

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“I think we have nothing to lose at this point in time,” Ashwin said after the first day of the 4th test match between India and Australia. Everyone was expecting what happened on Day-1 where Australia; what no one knew who would shine and it was Clarke and Ponting once again notching up their 100s. We do look for a potential double-hundreds tomorrow.

However, when I was reading this article all I could think of was that these are not words of encouragement – it simply tells send a message that they have resigned. It is natural to say that between two opponents the one who has less to loose generally takes more risks. We have seen many spirited performances from upcoming youngsters in different games. However, for a team of the caliber of India where they have the best test players in the side and are world champions this statement to me reflects weakness than strength.

In the same article, Ashwin speaks of missed opportunities but does not talk about what they are going to do it. It is like “we know we have to go places, just dont know how to walk”.

Being a fan who wants to see his country do well, I am no longer interested in what was not done and what missed out, I can figure that out myself. I want to know what are you going to do about it when the same thing happens next time. I want to hear messages that give me confidence on the team.

Today, in my life I was checking Australian Open scores and cricket only dawned upon me when I went to cafeteria during lunch, and by then the day was over. Just goes to show no matter how much I love my cricket team, unless they showcase confidence, unless I see them making effort I am not going to be round to cheer for them. Results are important, but I also want to see them working when the chips are down and Ashwin simply does not reflect it in his statements.



And then there is media. In an another article they state the following. Really do you think so? Comeon grow up

The captain MS Dhoni was unable to find a way to break through that combination, and he might have been glad of his suspension for slow over rates as he watched Sehwag struggle with a similar scenario in Adelaide.