Search for Peace

We (Mom, Dad, Preeti and I) are sitting on the dining table having our dinner when my Dad asked me if I want to  go along with him to the Golden Temple (Holy Place in Amritsar). I said no, because I had to work on weekends. And then started another debate between my parents and me.

For a long time, I have had a strange relationship with my God. Over time, I have found him looking over my shoulder and taking care of myself. There have been times, when I was in trouble and I have reached out to him in pain and he has responded back every time. Not always has the answer been what I have wanted it to be, but always I was relieved of my pain and I am so thankful to Him for that. I have not found myself standing on doors of a holy place to speak to Him. I just try to find that place in my Heart.

A few days back, a friend of mine showed me a picture of his and a quote which goes as follows

Worship today like you wont worship again,
Think about it like this is the last thought,
If you have that desire, the zeal – nothing can stop you from achieving it!!!
Go for it my dear friend
Go for it!!!

#Note To Self – Its always about both the things – Prayers and Your Efforts

In this quote, I understand the points about efforts and desire to get something so that nothing should come in your way. However, I do not understand the point of ‘Worship’ and ‘Prayers’. And to me it is conflicting ones’ own Faith in God. If you believe in His presence, have Faith in his doing towards you, do you really have to Pray to Him and ask him that for you. Why would you not have Trust and Faith in Him to give you what is best for you.

The question I want to ask is “why do we pray?”

Not that I do not pray, but I pray to God to lead me to things that are best for me and others around me. I stopped praying for specific desires a long time ago. I have Faith, that I will find Peace one day

Something behind every Nothing

There’s always a little seriousness behind every ‘Just kidding’

A little knowledge behind every ‘I dont know’

A little Feeling behind every ‘I dont care’

A little love behind every ‘I hate you’

A little uneasiness behind every ‘I am okay’

A little pain behind every ‘forget it’

A little fear behind every ‘Leave me alone’

A little hope behind every ‘Goodbye’

There’s always ‘something’ behind evry ‘nothing’ Every heart has a tale 2 tell behind every action, emotion & expression If only we’d understand the words behind every silence, maybe someday we’d understand life..!!


Shared by a Friend

Life is all about sacrifces !

“Life is all about sacrifices” – sometimes you sacrifice your likes for making someone feel happy; but what you actually do is not to sacrifice that love, trust and faith of the other person. You just choose which one is of lesser importance to you and you sacrifice that bit.

Giving up

No one gets to world-class in their work or in their personal lives without a relentless devotion to not giving up. Only those people are called heros who chose not to give up. Remember the war of “Troy”; a giant win only when it seemed like a tragic defeat.

Life often sends us curve balls; and has other things planned. We dream some dreams and expect then to come true. But no matter how hard we try, the clouds never part. Luck never smiles on us. But we continue to toil in darkness. That’s fine.

But sometimes, you get to a point where you just know. It’s not about losing hope. It’s about trusting life. That there’s an even better thing waiting for you. I will try to live a simple philosophy: “do your best and let life do the rest.” knowing it is not easy to let go of what you want. But, I will not loose faith and trust in God that there is something even better waiting just around the corner?

Friends !!

Clifton Fadiman quotes

“One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.”

So true, how can a friend change your life is something you know when you have a friend. Many a times when I call my old friends, we have just a few things to talk about and it is starts like “Aur kya haal chaal hai” – “theek hai”. And, then we do not have to find any other topics, we just chat 🙂 Thinking of some of my friends brings a smile to my face and I continue to think how lucky am I.