No end is Good

After working with a friend of mine (who I now choose to refer as an acquaintance) just came back and proved that my instincts right. Anil and I had been engaged in a business for almost 4 months now and he was introduced by a common friend. My initial take on Anil was that we should not include him, but I went ahead not hearing to my instincts. The business came to an end in November 2011, due to another reason. Anil, Babul and I met on Nov 30 to discuss all financial data and close the business. That day we discussed everything and came to 3 decisions:

  1. All revenue till that day will be split equally between the three of us;
  2. There are two projects, which we have to refund money and if that happens, the revenue for those two which have been distributed will be refunded back and;
  3. Anil will continue to support me in the business if i choose to continue

2 days later, we realized that one other project should have not been included because no work has been done and the amount agreed upon in decision#1 was reduced.

After 2 weeks it was evident that the business can not survive and we will stop all existing projects. And, one of the projects as discussed in #2 had to be refunded in full.

Today, Anil drops an email asking me to provide him with:

  • A detailed transaction of our accounts because he received lesser amount that in the email
    • He did not read and forgot the entry where we decided to reduce one other project. That was in the email I sent to them
  • Then he asked if I had added to account the work we did for Pipeline s/w
    • I had to remind him on email that all was discussed openly with all three of in that room, and accounts were settled till them
  • Finally, he said that any profit and loss after 30/11 is mine
    • To which I simply accepted the loss for that project which we had to refund

While we had this email conversation, I was so angry at the fact that he did not trust me with money. Nothing wrong for someone to ask for accounts, but he was questioning my honesty when we had cleared all accounts mutually in front of each other. After 4 months of working I handled the company affairs more that he ever did. And, then after 11/30, he promised to be around which led my decision to try and salvage the situation and then he walked out on me (being self-centered). And, even then when we discussed that very day about those 2 projects if refunded will be born by all three of us, he refused.

It has been a week and I have not spoken to either of them, I hope for the good that it is over sooner than later when it could have been a lot more destructive.