Face your decisions

A decision is the selection between possible actions. A choice is the selection between two or more objects.

This is how Wikipedia puts it, yet we often say “You have a Choice” when making decisions. I am not going to talk the semantics of English Language, but touch upon a topic I face daily – at times more trivial and others significant.

If I ask myself, “How many times a day do I have to make decisions”, I dont have a count. But, if I want to ask myself “How many days do I take to make a decision?” I would have an answer. People call me “hard headed” when it comes to my job, which some interpret as a quality while some find this quality makes me inflexible and is a hindrance. While I try to keep a balance, I do not take very long to make decisions on job. When it comes to personal life, I see to take days to decide. Seems odd, when I think these are not really critical – many of these that take so long revolve around – “convenience/luxury” vs. future. Last year I blogged about this topic briefly (it shows that I spend too much time thinking). Today, yet again, I am asking myself a similar question – “convenience today” or “safety tomorrow”. I dont know yet what to do – sometime you just need someone to make the decisions for you.

Could life me simpler….?