Goals vs Resolution

Image by Michael Dales via Flickr

As I start thinking about what my resolutions are going to be for 2012, I thought if I really want to have resolutions. So, I started to think the basic difference between Goals and Resolutions and my take is:

“There are no ways to measure Resolutions”

I did not want to have a resolutions like:

  • Loose Weight – because if i lost 2 KGs I would have met my resolution but that may not be meaningful to me;
  • Improve Financial Stability – because unless I define in the context of my life what stability is, I dont know if I have achieved it or not

A lot of people say they miss out on resolutions, I feel the single reason why they miss out is because they do not have goals that can be measured and over a period of time they just don’t know where they are headed – even things like “stop smoking” even being measurable, is not defined in a manner that allows the person to achieve their resolutions.

So this year, I have decided to focus on specific areas of my life and figure out how I am going to access that I have achieved what I have thought about. Hence, this year I will have Goals instead of Resolutions.


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