Layer over Layer over Layer

just let me be
just let me be

I sit on a method (a manner) that I know will make me perform my duties more efficiently. Yet, I have to build a case to get approvals from I don’t know how many people. Still, I drafted an email last week on Thursday with options and was hoping that I will have the decisions (one way or another) very soon. I came back into office today (4 working days have gone by) and the first layer of approval is not in place. And yes, there is at-least 1 more that I know of (maybe more).

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I sit here with years of experience of building things, yet I have to “seek approvals” on trivial things. This is part of a larger design in my life and how I have been working. While I have the freedom to build things how I want to, yet somehow everything I do needs someone to sign-off. Something I should have been using today most probably I will never do now as there are other things I have to do.

People need to realize I am not their average technology/architect that they work with.

<rant over/>

Self Reflection

Two different schools of thoughts:
“It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. All that matters is what you think of you. We lose so much energy worrying about the opinions of others, wanting to be liked. Leadership and personal mastery is about rising above social approval – to self approval.” 

“It is other people’s opinion and what they think of us is probably just a mirror for us. If people are the true mirrors, where is the harm in taking a peak every now and then, to see how flawless we have become, to see how good looking we have grown. Every morning we look for self-approval but we need a mirror to tell us that; and we do not ignore that. Similarly, should we disregard the other mirror of people for giving us this truth? There are times when it will give us an idea on how to correct our appearance so we can shine on (feedback) and there will be other times, when we know we are shining but we still need confirmation that we do indeed shine (recognitions).”
So long as you are living by your values, running your own race and living your dreams, who cares what anyone else thinks/says about you? It should always be about doing what’s right. 

I always look into the mirror and do what I find is right for me.