Dance with the Devil

Keep in mind if you have to dance with the devil, you don’t have to bring him home or allow him to rub off on you. Many times you have to work with people you don’t like or trust, but they are part of the group that you must deal with to accomplish your goal. You don’t have to be like them, only understand how to interact with them to get what you want. You leave them at the workplace or wherever you have to deal with them.

A little trick that people have said works is: put your office problems in an imaginary box outside the office when you leave office and pick them up when you are arriving into office. Do the same with the home issues as well.

Root cause of all problems – “Yes”

Ironic to the title of this post, I want to share my feelings where we tend to please someone so many times by ending up saying “yes” to everything they ask. Many a times we have heard from people: “Learn to say no”.

This such an important thing because Every no takes you nearer to a yes”. Every no takes you closer to the “Yes” you want. Understanding each No is a roadblock that has been removed from your path to your goal.”