Journey to “One Destination”

Life is a journey and there is one destination that everyone reaches. But, this journey is divided into various destinations and to reach each destination, we have to complete the journey. Along the way we re presented with many difficulties, which will make us change our course, or even make us quit.

The focus should be on the journey and not on the difficulties. Focusing on goals acts as a motivator to solve the difficulties with a new zeal. If we lose the focus on the goal, then very soon we would be asking ourselves “Why are we doing this?” and soon we will quit.

So remember, once you have your eyes set on goals, do not lose that eye-contact. On your way, be worried, be stressed, try as hard as you can, but never loose focus.

Lie to yourself?

There are 2 types of lies – positive and negative. Your job is simple – find out which ones are you telling yourself everyday.

Positive lies are based on the way how you want yourself to be. This is how you tune your subconscious mind and soon this becomes a habit. The good thing is that as this is a habit, you achieve that you lied yourself about

Negative lies are the ones where you just can not take blame of your mistakes. You will find every reason to blame someone for what went wrong with your life or for where you are today. It is very easy to do this as takes all responsibility off your back (you feel this way).

Important is to know what type of a liar are you?