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England Whitewashed

less than 12 months and another #1 team whitewashed in an Away series, and this time it is the one who whitewashed India. Sweet!!

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Strong earthquake hits Pakistan, tremors felt in North India too

If my memory serves right, there was another one not too long ago in Pakistan which was felt in Delhi too. http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/delhi-shaken-as-earthquake-strikes-pakistan-80184

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Cricket WC2011 – The end of the group stages

Starting March 23, it is going to be a very interesting stage and world-cup at this time is up for grabs. If I believe history repeats itself, then there are only 3 countries who can win this cup – Pakistan, Australia or New Zealand. Wonder why – read why others are doomed because of the history of world cup.

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Cricket WC2011 – Mid-term assessment

Today in World Cup cricket the 24th match was played, that takes us to just past mid-way of the group matches (total being 42). There are 14 teams which have 10 test playing nations and 4 from the associations and at this stage there are only two teams who look somewhat formidable in this stage. […]

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