Why can’t he just be a leader?

I sit here at 11 in the night and waiting for my approval to trip back to India. I sent request for the approval on Thursday and have been waiting for three working days. I know the approval will come but I am waiting for the date that will come back in the approval – can be 15 or 22 july.  I was supposed to go back in early July but has been pushed already. My anxiety to meet my family is increasing.

As I sit here and wait for the email to come, I can not reach out the person who has to approve the request. Only person I can reach out to is my manager and he is three levels down the person who has to approve. This makes me think – are they leaders? Why can I not reach out to anyone above my immediate manager? Why do we even have a hierarchy in place? Can we not do work in a horizontal leadership model? Why does pyramid has to exist?

The reason I know I can’t reach beyond Harsha (my direct manager) is because I have been asked so, I have been told rather instructed to go via Harsha for any details I need from people above him in hierarchy. I have been told by Krishna (Harsha’s manager – our Director) that he will meet his direct reports for any details he needs and there is no need for us to meet regularly. I feel he has shut the door on us and it will only open when we have any issues or escalations.

Why can’t he have the door open for all of 150 people who report into him? Why not? Why can’t he just be a leader? Or are they just managers?

Success is like a fart, you can tolerate your own

no fart sign
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It is important to start by saying that I do not believe in this statement. This is what I read a few days ago on someone’s Facebook wall (I don’t remember who; not that it matters).

But I do want to point out that people who believe in this statement are the ones from who you can expect a lot of office politics because these are the kinds of people who will do anything to keep you down and out in office, these are the people who spend time in thinking how to make other’s life miserable and not work towards the greater cause. These are the people who are not leaders because leaders believe in growing together.

If you ever come against someone who believes in this in your office try to stay away and done be a jerk.

Dance with the Devil

Keep in mind if you have to dance with the devil, you don’t have to bring him home or allow him to rub off on you. Many times you have to work with people you don’t like or trust, but they are part of the group that you must deal with to accomplish your goal. You don’t have to be like them, only understand how to interact with them to get what you want. You leave them at the workplace or wherever you have to deal with them.

A little trick that people have said works is: put your office problems in an imaginary box outside the office when you leave office and pick them up when you are arriving into office. Do the same with the home issues as well.