What the hell is Facebook doing?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

The size at which they are, they are not doing a good job of managing mobile devices. Until now, I have been using Facebook on laptop and my Android Phone. The application on the Gingerbread has been an average app – push notifications not working when they claimed it should be working with their release 1.5.

Recently, the application does not work very well on Firefox. The notifications would continue to load and the alerts for notifications would not go away. There have been similar bugs especially around updates on Firefox.

Now, when I moved to Tablets – I realized that Facebook does not have any official application for either iPad or Honeycomb. For Honeycomb I was able to use v1.5 because I had that installed on my phone and it got installed by itself. But, when they released v1.6 my tablet does not finds it in the market.

Facebook is a billion dollar company and they need to do a better job of being one. They should look at Google for one.