Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – It ends on July 15

Here is a trailer of the movie that started as a “Kid Movie” now ends being a dark action thriller. Could this have a better end – I guess not. This is going to be awesome, and simply thrilling. I gotta watch all the previous ones to be sure I am aware of the complete story line and also gotta find this one on 3D.



definitely, maybe

A second look at the past, may give give you a second chance at the future.


A romantic comedy and is so sweet. The movie starts with the dad telling his daughter a story of his love life before marriage.

Definitely Maybe
Definitely Maybe

He starts by a narration changing names of his girl-friends and the daughter has to solve the mystery in the story of who her mother is. The movie keeps coming out of the story to show the lovely relationship that the daughter and father shares. It is so heart warming especially when in the end, the daughter (10 years old) can sense her dad not to be happy and leads him to the love of his life.

This movie has all the elements of relations, freedom, dreams, choices and destiny; definitely maybe.