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Deep dive | India’s route to Test#1

What I found was a revelation of facts that a lot of is was favorable and because of Australia and SA not doing their best and India matching up their worst or just being a little better.

Overall, it clearly presents a case where India has been more conservative on their test playing strategies - playing less, playing at home, don't loose and play safe to draw.

Now, if all that was played just as I can see all of those, good strategy to be number one. It is like saying "Let the others fight and diminish their resources and we will come on top because of their losses."

Now - please tell me what did Dhoni do to take India here - it just happened. With a good team and safe strategy forces were in our favor. I am happy we are number one, but Dhoni did nothing in all this to happen. As a captain he could not do what all others in the past have struggled - improve our performance overseas. Change that - and then be called a Great Captain.

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Dhoni is the best captain but not the Greatest

I am happy that all is going well for India and I am happy for it. But, please stop propagating how "Great" Dhoni is. He is damn luck and I am glad for it.Dhoni is where Tandulkar was in 1996 just starting to prove himself. He has at least 12 more years to go to show what he can do for India. Ponting did it for Australis over a long period and it is just getting started for Captain Cool. But it is a long road and I wish he does well and starts to do what makes sense; eventually luck will run out - Sachin, Yuvi will retire; Zaheer and Bhajji will loose their speed and turn. I would like to see what he does to prepare the team for that day. If we make Dhoni the captain of Bangladesh team he wont do that good, but he can be greatest given what he does around him with a sub-optimal team. Time will test him when great guns retire and it is then he has to come on top. It is then the luck will expire and leadership will come out.

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IPL4 – RCB is a force to reckon

The top 4 teams have now played 11 matches and the standings are MI, RCB, CSK and KKR. With 3 matches to play, and separated by just 2 points (MI: 16, RCB: 15, and CSK/KKR: 14); they are playing for top 2 positions. In terms of matches RCB has the most difficult of matches and also the ones that will decide where they finish compared to CSK and KKR. Also, it will be a real test of their mettle against those teams.

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Leaders or just Managers?

Maybe, this is a trait of a successful manager, I do not believe that this is a trait for a good leader. I have not done any MBA, but all these people who are running companies around me are MBS from IIMs and other premier institutes. I do not understand the rationale behind it.

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Why I am going to US?

In last few weeks, I have managed to turned my life into a living nightmare of some sorts. I guess it all started when I took up an assignment on July 2010 for a year. I came back into India for a period of 3 weeks to get Aabhya’s admissions in nursery and get her…

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