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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge Today, when I went to Wikipedia trying to look up information on Venus Williams (triggered by watching her play in Australian Open yesterday), I saw Wikipedia sharing this information and my expression was no less than a shock. A shock so visible on my page, the person sitting right…

World without Free knowledge

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2012: Week 2 in Review

Life in new year started to settle down. The ownership of the Goals started to show signs of improving life as it was. While it did bring with itself the occasional drag back to the previous life where I did not want to care of what the Goals were and wanted to "waste" time. As someone once said - "Time that you spend wasting, is not wasted". But, with God's grace, I was luck not to go down the spiral. I hope things will keep improving as the year becomes old.

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India oscillates to number 3

While the country was carried in the enthusiasm led by Anna Hazarre, half-way around the world, Team India lost 4 test matches against England to loose their #1 position. While England thrashed India in all departments across 4 match series and went ahead to take number 1 spot, India lost not just the matches, but also the series and their pride as as a cricket team.

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iPad vs Galaxy Tab 10.1

This all started when I was asked to buy an iPad as a gift. I was not even thinking if buying a tablet until that happened. But once it happened it was happening faster that I could think. So, now I have almost decided to get a tablet for myself and the race is between…

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Enjoyed playing today

Today I played a kid, 17 year old (Meghna) and she is good. She hits the ball very well both forehands and backhands. At times gets the ball to kick up and has some tremendous passing shots. However, I was happy just playing her as I was able to match her strokes and at times…

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