Why, over What

ADTWO21Today i saw an email go out which has details of some deployment to a certain group of people who would have no clue what is in there because we haven’t enabled them on them yet. It’s a well established process that has been running for about a few years now (I suppose).


My immediate question was if i was to get the same email about another project “why do I need this information?”; even if i understood the “What”, there is nothing around “why” apart from the fact that someone wants me to be informed. because I would not know the Why, the information will not make it into my head and if anyone was to ask me anything about it, I will have to go back and find that email (which i wont be able to find).

maybe just we don’t care.

unless you shift the conversation to why, you can initiate a change.

we are tuned to be working with “what” for far too long (we just want to know everything), so much so that we have forgotten to ask the “Why?”; maybe it’s too much trouble trying to get the answer, maybe we know we will not like the answer so we don’t ask; or maybe we don’t ask because we assume the other person doesn’t know or maybe just we don’t care.

It’s critical we understand the “Why” because only then we can reason the underlying logic and we will be able to argue the merits of doing it one way or doing it another way; only then we can talk about the reasons around the resources we have and why those will help us succeed or fail.



Harsha Bhogle: Better bowlers, better Test team | Opinion | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo

One-day captaincy is much more about instinct and short-term rewards, which we in India are naturally adept at extracting. We see opportunities quickly, we rush in, we are satisfied. A space opens up in a crowded local train and we edge in there, a new counter opens at a bus station and we are first in the new queue; our eyes are forever darting around looking for an opening because if we miss it we may not get another. As a wonderfully instinctive person who has his wits around him, Dhoni revels in these conditions. A five-day game is more like booking your ticket early and reserving a seat rather than charging around looking for one.

via Harsha Bhogle: Better bowlers, better Test team | Opinion | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo.

Ponting goes unnoticed

English: Ricky Ponting and Shane Warne

This one is going to be a very short note. I just realized that Ricky Pointing in this series is averaging 2.75 in the 4 matches that he has played.

It is interesting to see that when in test series by this time when Dravid, Laxman and Co. were playing slightly better compared to Pointing every one was talking about their retirement. Somehow, Pointing gets unnoticed.

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Rotate Sachin? Why? Even Stats are saying otherwise

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Yesterday (Feb 12), was when India beat Australia in a ODI in a decent manner, yet all I felt was disappointment. For the first time, I was not happy that my team had won, I was rather sad how they have decided to treat their master batsman.

India in the recent CB series came up with a rotation policy – they started off by resting Sehwag, followed by Gambhir and on Sunday they rested Sachin. From all the various games I have seen over the years – Cricket, Soccer, Basketball – rotation has been a useful thing when a team is struggling and they managers/coaches/captains need to find a set of players that tick. However, the way India management (including Dhoni) has handled rotation simply makes no sense to me and to experts as well – several articles have been published where people have questions this policy. A few are listed here:

Let’s simply look at how the top 3 have been performing in Australia in recent times (not considering the ODI on Sunday because decision to rotate out Sachin was done before that match) – and I dont have to put forward stats to tell that Sachin has been most consistent. Sachin has not amassed a big score yet has has provided us with consistent starts. Gambhir on the other hand was a complete flop in test matches, but in a few T20 and ODI that we have played he had already played a crucial inning in T20 to take India to a win. Now, lets ask what has Sehwag done – apart from that one inning in Adelade in Test match and that too where he got out to a full-toss.

Understood that we do not want to play all the 3 because that forces us to leave Raina or Rohit out – that makes sense. But, when you have 2 openers – Sachin and Gambhir doing well for you – why rotate them out? Makes no sense to me – does it make any sense to you? What it only does is add extra pressure to the top-3 for India. Where they lived in harmony, not they are playing for a spot (including Sachin and Sehwag). You can call it team work and that everyone understands, but  hear otherwise because Gambhir after scoring a crucial 92 quoted

This XI had that belief that we can beat Australia today. For me this was the best playing XI. It’s not about names, it’s about people who can go out there and have that belief from No. 1 to No. 11. If they have the belief that ‘yes, we can win this game’, that’s the best playing XI. You don’t want names, you want people who can deliver. We have shown it, I think

“We don’t want names, we want people who can deliver…” would I be wrong if I read this as “Sachin is a name” – do you want me to bring out the stats again? Gambhir is a captain – KKR and he could be looking at the vice captaincy in some time. He has to be wise before saying. I can see that he might be under stress with his position in the team not sure at this point especially when Kohli has been doing so well.

To the rotation policy, this is the last thing we want to happen in the team – when one player thinks that the person who has been rotated out is not needed any more. We need to send a clear message if someone is dropped. And then if India team has to drop out Sachin Tendulkar especially in his current form or should I say in Indian team’s current form, does not make fans like me happy. If Sachin is available for selection, I want to see him play. Sachin is someone who knows when the time has come to go and he will go. He if God of cricket and if you have God on your side and you dont play him, even when your other openers are not preforming…..

I have this bad feeling in my stomach since yesterday that tell me, that Sachin maybe has outgrown the game – maybe he should just let go. We all know he loves the game and we know he is still performing, can will continue till he knows he can perform. It is just too hurtful to see our beloved icon, sitting on a bench.

Society will remain “messed” unless we do something

United States Declaration of Independence explains the “right to revolution” and I quote from the artifact

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Which I translate in its simplest form (from National Treasure) – If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action. This can also be re-phrased as “With great powers come great responsibilities” (Spider-man).

I completely agree with all what has been said here, yet we see a society which is so messed up. We see people who do nothing they sit on the sidelines and talk about what can be done to make improvements. I am as messed up as much as others are. We wait for messiah to come along to fix things for us. Anna Hazzare’s campaign is the most current case of where we have waiting for someone to come and fight our fight. And then Anna himself quoted in Janta Ki Adalat that he wants to stay out of politics “I want to stay out of the Mud”. We all want to use others to fight for us.

On Sunday, I was watching the movie No One Killed Jessica; everyone in India would know of the case who lived between 1999 and 2006 would know of the case. Jessica Lal was murdered in 1999 and for 7 years the accused were released because of “reasonable doubt”.  Somehow even with 300 witnesses, the accused walked free. Amazing how things can turn out in a society where people who are trusted to upheld the Law do just the opposite.

The biggest talking point of Indian Society (Delhi in specific is women safety). I stumbled upon this response which is so beautiful written. For many times, we have been debating upon what girls wear, when we should be talking about the bastards who do heinous things. Once again, I quote:

You focus on raising a son that you can confidently send to a party even if you think that you will die if he inappropriately touches a woman and I’ll focus on raising a daughter full stop.

In recent times, everyone has been condemning Congress for their deeds. It were us who got them elected into power in 2009, for a second successive term. It was us, who elected the opposition who are no way better and in elections in 2014 it will be us who will vote them into power. The whole system is screwed and yet all we want is to fight “the corruption”. I consider myself a common man with responsibilities to feed my family and provide them a good life – and sometimes when I think of doing things to leave this life and go serve the nation and fix things, I am left asking myself “What good is my Karma serving my nation and leaving my family to fend for themselves?”. And yet, I can provide my support when men like Anna Hazare take on the villains of our society, but I know in my heart that there is another ulterior motive or else who can movements like those fizzle out in under a year.

Our society is terribly messed up and we are heading towards a melt-down. Sooner or later, there will be a revolution when the minorities – not caste, not religion but all those who suffer will loose their patience and will rise in union to overhaul the current system we have. The greater the Evil, the greater the Good – it is only time when masses of people will rise to uphold what is right and it will be marred with blood in hope that the world there on will be a better one. A fellow blogger posted about why he likes politics. His post is interesting and in the most uncanny manner highlights that if we want to fight anything we should first fight the evil in us. If we are ready to suffer the pain of our righteous decisions then “corrupter’s” will be left no option but to do their job. In recent times, we have been taught that with “bribe” we can get anything we want easily and we do not want to wait. We do not want suffer the consequences of our decisions even if they are right (me included). And then, we want people like Anna to fight for us. So convenient!!

Until, then lets continue to boil this Ocean of Emotions, one day we would have done enough to generate the heat that is needed.


2012: Week 5 in review

The highlight of the week is the story that started on Saturday and ended only on Monday. A series of 2 days that left me exhausted physically, mentally and financially, and all that for a pair of Shoes that I had thought of buying and Preeti decided I should finally buy them. And, like a good wife, Preeti with all the great intentions took me to Nike to hunt for a pair of shoes and from there on it took us 48 hours to get 2 pair of shoes – Puma and Nike both of which I love. A two day ordeal finally turned not to be so bad given that I added 2 brand new shoes to my collection (which is still smaller then Preeti’s :))

Apart from this, the week was pretty normal with work still not geared up. Time in office is close to 40 hours a week which and most of the time spent on learning and reviewing what exists on the project.



A mixed week, with the focus coming back to Cricket, as India played Australia in 2 T20 matches and winning the 2nd T20 match with their exceptional fielding performance and a very well balanced batting display. However, on Sunday India lost in a dismissal fashion in their first One-day match in the Tri-series. Cant say how much every department of the Indian cricket team sucked. It was simply disappointing.