Adam and Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston

When I saw the promo for “Just go with it“; all I expected was a hilarious movie – yet another comedy from Adam Sandler. And, with Rachael Green starring in the movie it raised my expectations a lot more. Finally, got the chance to see the movie and it was not what I was expected; not at all. It was so much more better.

Adam Sandler just simply rocked and Rachael Green (Jennifer Anniston) was beautiful. Its hard to believe that the star from “Friends” still has it in her. Nicole Kidman looked so much worst in front of Jennifer.

The movie is a romantic comedy and not a full-tu comedy; but it is a beautiful movie with kids and Adam Sandler has done it so beautifully. A storyline similar to “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya” starring Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen has been done so very beautifully; that the Mr. David Dhawan should learn a few things about comedy and how can it be directed script-fully.

A must watch for all fans of Adam Sandler and/or Rachael Green – or for anyone else who likes romantic comedies.