Do I work // or is it Fast Five

Every time I start a new project, it is like a story – something crazy that I do. As i start off a new project, I think of this being another story and a very similar to what I have just delivered. And it simply compelling when I think of me as a living a Fast Five.

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[column col=”2/5″]It all start when we get an opportunity of working on a project. It is the most craziest thing we got to do; something we have never done the last time. We need a team and folks who can do special things and all of those people are excited to be part of the ‘crazy stuff’. Most important we need 2 precision drivers – no project that I have delivered has been delivered who can do wonders – can be the arch, the leads, the technologists, the PMs, the developers.[/column]

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[divider scroll_text=”Project Starts”]


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[column col=”2/5″]Finally we have the project and we know the people we know who are going to do all the stuff done and we start assembling the team. And we all know We got to get the job done.[/column]

[divider scroll_text=”One More Time – YET AGAIN”]


[column col=”2/5″]I can’t say enough but I will say it one more time – This is some crazy stuff we do but when we get it done we get rewarded by people knowing we did it one hell of a job – like getting in a police station and steal 100M $$$.[/column]

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[divider scroll_text=”There are Challenges – and big ones”]


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[column col=”2/5″]Oh Yeah!! There are!! There are problems and issues internal and external that keep coming at us with full speed. They don’t allow us to get into our zone to get the stuff done, but we go to!![/column]

[divider scroll_text=”Running ain’t freedom”]


[column col=”2/5″]We know we got to solve the problem and get rid of them. We know we can’t run away. [/column]

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[divider scroll_text=”We don’f fail – not today”]


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[column col=”2/5″]The only way to deal with the challenges and everything that gets thrown as us is to deal with aggression; to do what we do best.  [/column]

[divider scroll_text=”And yet – It is Misson Insane”]


[column col=”2/5″]The projects gets tougher by the hour till the point it seems impossible. We will see everything going against us, nothing would work the way it is supposed to and then boom – there is this big crash.

Yet nothing changes – it is business as usual for us.[/column]

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[divider scroll_text=”The Rockstars”]


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[column col=”2/5″]And when we need the most, there are our Rock stars who would be ready to jump off of the cliff. They are the people who will do that nobody can think it can be done. [/column]

[divider scroll_text=”The Winners Walking Proud”]


[column col=”2/5″]And in the end we all walk proud. We deliver with Quality.[/column]

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[divider scroll_text=”Now Watch the whole story unfold”]


Now that I have narrated how a project looks like for me in piece meals, here is how it looks like a whole.

Alpha male // maybe?

Alpha males
Alpha males (Photo credits:

A couple of weeks back, I entered into a meeting room and I was informed that I am a Type A personality. I didn’t know at the the time the traits of the personality type A. So they told me it is Alpha Male because I demand control and attention around me. Well it sounded like me a little.

So today, I decided to look it up a little more  on that topic today and it was nice and shocking. Here is what I quote from Wikipedia

The theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status conscious, can be sensitive, care for other people, are truthful, impatient, always try to help others, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, proactive, and obsessed with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics” who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence

And then cites

Type A behavior: competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive, fast talking.

Well not that does sound like me. Now the shocking part.

Some scholars argue that Type A behavior is not a good predictor of coronary heart disease


Well well – I think age is catching up fast with all these symptoms in last couple of years and I think I to slow down a bit.


The Movie // The Experience

This weekend, I went out on my first kid-cartoon movie in a theatre and it was Chota Bheem. It was Aabhya, Preeti, dad and me. My mom was in Chennai with my sister.

It was not so much about the movie then it was to take my Kid to the movie. She was absolutely joyous when we told her that she was going to watch her favorite show on a movie theatre. She is a mover and just can’t sit tight and we have taken her to only one movie in the past. She being she, was asking so many questions

Dad what would be the seats like? Are they like the sofa at home? Can I sit in daddu’s lap? Oh My God!! she was so excited all the way that I cant describe it at all. It was awesome. We finally reached the mall where we planned to watch the movie and suddenly she wanted fries. Well yeah she saw the shop someplace and for next few minutes her focus was shifted from the movie.

During the movie she was so excited, jumping in her seat and shouting and cheering her favorite scenes especially when Bheem would take a laddu and eat it. In the movie that would give Bheem some strength and he would take it when he was ready to fight an enemy. At that point she would just go super crazy like she never has and at one point she was ready to come and fight me 🙂

Well it was just simply awesome – the whole experience. And Thanks for everyone for making it memorable.

The Parasite // Time to Fight

I feel like shitting on someone today // I am that crapped out in my head. I sense a lot of negativity and that shit is pulling me in its Kapil_think_happydense fog which is making life tricky. I spent a lot of time catching up and a lot of pending stuff got done. I am kind of surprised that I have been able to work through all this mess in my head where in the past this has lead me to simply come to a stand still.

Now what remains is getting started with some new work done and I have several tasks lined up on my plate which are not on the front-burner today, but unless I get to those soon they will be. And, I need to get rid of the static charge in my head so that I can make progress.


A long time back I blogged about Expectations and Happiness.  I quote from my earlier blog

An expectation is a mental prediction of what will happen in the future when we don’t know for sure. If what does actually happen matches or exceeds our expectation of it we experience positive emotions such as satisfaction, joy, surprise, or gratification. If, on the other hand, what occurs is different from what we expected or is less than what we expected, we experience negative emotions such as disappointment, anger, or frustration.


I know exactly what is not working out and it’s the inability of folks around me not making it work out is what is bugging me.  I have not yet reached a point where action is warranted. I am still circumnavigating the mess that has been created due to some common sensical errors. As I speak to several folks (last of my discussions is planned for today), I am getting a feeling that “we” have given up on something that once was a passion we all shared together. I have been asking myself and several other people “are ‘we’ interested STILL” and I do hear people saying – “yes we are”; I hope we are.

The energies have been sucked out as nothing is working as it had been planned a year back. There are things that are happening which no one had thought about. There are entities which are getting injected into the process which should not have been, “we” are getting ejected from the process as if the body rejects an antibody.

I go back to my blog about Karma and I know it is “us” who will have to do something if we have to make this work. I cry out loud – “are others with me?”

I can’t let this this thought fester itself in my head like a parasite because it will keep eating my inside out.

Eating inside Out
The Day The Earth Stood Still // Eating inside Out


Its here; finally

A few days back I wrote about my new car and about my feelings around the wait around it? Well finally it is here.


Car VW Vento




It has been 3 days since I have been driving this and I am already in a love-hate relationship with this car. I love the car for the reasons I bought this for and it has not disappointed me yet like

Ride Quality It is so good to ride it – the bumps are not noticeable (relatively) and when I go over 120kmph I don’t feel a thing and it is so very stable. Turns on high speeds like 80kmph are so sure shot that I dont have to think about hitting brakes.

Fuel Efficiency It is worth every penny. I got a tank full for Rs 2500 and Vento is telling me it will run almost 750 KMs that is almost double what my Verna did. Even if it does 700 or 650, that a savings on fuel cost by almost 25-50% which is worth the money spent on diesel.


Elegance While this is not the best looking car in its segment and when I say best looking I compare it with Verna’s dashing looks. But the car has its own elegance and i did wait for the color i.e. Paper Gray and I finally managed to get one which is so good that I am loving the same.


The smaller things The tiny features like one touch windows up and down for all 4, the pinch, the voice quality on the stereo, the arm rest which is so big to add to comfort, the seat adjustment that can send you deep in the car, and several other things that I love


Now when this is the case, there are things that I am hating until I adjust to it like

The seating comfort or not so much. I have still not adjusted to the bucket seats and it seems that their decision to make the buckets so much deep is pushing my kind of bulky frame out of the seat. I still am trying to get the right seating position between how tall/deep, how back/front loaded, how much the steering needs to be adjusted. I have just not been able to get to it just yet compared to verna where i saw naturally


The Diesel The engine has a kick in it, but it also has a vibration to it. The clutch vibrates as well however little it is but it does pushes me to an edge today. I know i will get over it one day but it is a buiance today


But, i know overall this is a good investment for next several years. and I am going to love it overall.


The Wait ~ now the surprise.

I had plans to get a new car for a while now and i finally made the decision early April 2013 to get one and started the hunt for the next one that I am going to love like the previous ones I have loved. This is going to be my new car – not the same color that I am going to get you should give you an idea of what I am getting in next few days.



Well, I have the paperwork done and all the money (down-payment) has been spent. But, I am still waiting for the car to be delivered. I am not sure what the wait is, but I was promised that I will get car before April 27th and here it is end of the month and I am still waiting. I had a chat with the dealer and he is now telling me that the car would be delivered on or after May 3rd and truly this is pissing me off.


I have been one of those impatient types – like to get things as soon as i decide what I am going to get – and this time I did try to put up a strong front and wait for the color that I wanted (there were actual two; one of them being my first preference, but the backup is good too). But, then eventually, I Was presented with an option that I can go for my second preferred color and get the car earlier, but then somehow it went into stalemate again.


Today, I was informed that my car is in transit and i dont know which color I am getting; for the first time I have detached myself at the very beginning with the waiting part. I still need that car quick, but I am done waiting, I will just let the dealer surprise me!!