IPL 4 – First crash out

Today when Pune Warriors lost to Mumbai by 21 runs, they became the first team in this season to crash out with Delhi, Deccan and Kochi at their heels. After the loss today, they have 5 remaining matches and they need to win all 5 to have any chance. 5 wins from here will take them to 14 points which will see them short of qualifying any ways. Mumbai are already on 14 followed by Kolkota and Chennai on 12 and Rajasthan on 11.

All Pune can do is to make IPL more interesting. They will play Deccan (twice), Kolkota, Punjab and Delhi in their last 5 matches and their wins and Punjab and Kolkata can make the race to top 2 positions very interesting.

Kochi and Delhi have their matches tomorrow – KTK vs. KKR and DD vs. DC. Tomorrow will decide who is the 2nd team to crash out or maybe two of them. Delhi and Deccan have 5 to play and have 3 wins. They need all 5 wins to reach 16 which gives them a fighting chance. The one to loose tomorrow will join Pune in the position where the maximum points they can get is 14 which is not good enough.

But for KKR it is a big day – if they loose they will relinquish their 2nd spot to CSK and loose that prime position with Playoff Qualifier 1.

Big day tomorrow 🙂