Roger Federer: A Player; A Champion

Roger Federer against Juan Martín del Potro in...
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I was waiting for Australian Open to start this year, and I was somehow under the impression that it starts on Jan 19, but then by chance I noticed that I missed the opening day only to catch up on it just now. Day 1 unfolded with only 1 upset where Tomic defeated Verdasco. With all the top guns (men and women) moving ahead into the second round it seems that this year is going to be nothing less exciting.

I have been a fan of Tennis since the days of Stefi Graf and Pete Sampras. Those are the two players who once motivated me to play the game. It was when these two retired, that I lost my love of watching the game and it was mainly because i did not see someone who could replace them.

Last year, I figured out that I missed an era called – Roger Federer and it was an era I am sad that I missed. And, then I started to watch tennis once again only to see that Roger is already at an end of his. While I see Nadal and Djokovic take over as the new kings of the sport, I continue to root for Roger. When I see Roger play, I see what I saw in Sampras which is effortless play. Roger makes the game look so easy. Roger won his last Grand Slam in 2010 when he won Australian Open. Last year (2011), when he lost the Australian Open to Djokovic for the first time since 2003, Roger was not the defending champion of any of the Grand Slams. Yet, as I open the Australian open Fan tracker he is ranked 2nd. And why not? Someone who defines finesse on the court. I have seen him show emotions but even they have a respect for their opponents. They assertive, but are for self-realization, unlike others where they mock/challenge other players.

Records speak for themselves, where Roger has scaled the Mt. Everest of Tennis and sits on the top with 16 singles titles across 8 years of span (consider his last title was in 2010); only to be followed by Sampras, Emerson and Laver. Rafa (King of Clay court) already in his 8th year of tennis is 6 title short of Roger and I do not see him equalling him because Djokivic has a say in it now.

Truly a champion, not just because his tennis is the of that of a champion, but because he showcases on and off the court, how champions live. It is my true belief that Players will come and go, but Champions like Sampras and Roger are remembered through ages.