2012 – Week

This exercise every week has started to bore me, yet I find value in doing this. A couple of weeks back, I went to using a bullet-point approach to list everything down and it kind of worked for me. And although I skipped last week, this week I am goig to use the approach

  • Work has picked up pace and last week I found myself sitting late in office on more than 1 occasions. Coming week is training including Saturday and it will be even more hectic
  • Saturday and Sunday were resting days. Given that I spend last weekend going out, this week I decided to stay back in and just not do anything
  • India lost their 3rd straight match in the CB Series and also the top 3 guns failed miserably. Media has been going crazy about how the communications have been handled between the selectors, captain and seniors
  • India beat Australia in a ODI which was nice, but there was still some disappointment because Sachin was dropped
  • I continue to do well on some goals while others are simply put on the back burner.

Good night; we will talk more about this next week.

2012: Week 6 in review

I am too exhausted to write the review, so I am going to write the highlights:

  • Work was easy, but picking up speed. Work is cutting edge, and every day when I learn more I get even more excited
  • Work week ended on a high note with things looking positive
  • Saturday was Aabhya’s 4th birthday and we had a lot of fun. First half spent with usual activities and in evening we celebrated her birthday at Mc Donalds, Punjabi Bagh and Aabhya loved it all the way
  • Sunday was resting and then in afternoon watched “Ek Tu Aur Ek Main”
  • India beat Australia in a ODI which was nice, but there was still some disappointment because Sachin was dropped
  • Did well on some Goals – especially on Sleeping on time and Getting things done. Reducing weight is not working out and I continue to eat more and more on the weekends. Financial goals are also not working out very well and I am still confused on one specific thing which might solve this

Good night; we will talk more about this next week.

2012: Week 5 in review

The highlight of the week is the story that started on Saturday and ended only on Monday. A series of 2 days that left me exhausted physically, mentally and financially, and all that for a pair of Shoes that I had thought of buying and Preeti decided I should finally buy them. And, like a good wife, Preeti with all the great intentions took me to Nike to hunt for a pair of shoes and from there on it took us 48 hours to get 2 pair of shoes – Puma and Nike both of which I love. A two day ordeal finally turned not to be so bad given that I added 2 brand new shoes to my collection (which is still smaller then Preeti’s :))

Apart from this, the week was pretty normal with work still not geared up. Time in office is close to 40 hours a week which and most of the time spent on learning and reviewing what exists on the project.



A mixed week, with the focus coming back to Cricket, as India played Australia in 2 T20 matches and winning the 2nd T20 match with their exceptional fielding performance and a very well balanced batting display. However, on Sunday India lost in a dismissal fashion in their first One-day match in the Tri-series. Cant say how much every department of the Indian cricket team sucked. It was simply disappointing.


2012 Week 4 in Review

I can summarize this week in a single word – Disaster.


I was able to keep a consistent pace on the blogging and the readership is on the rise for both Personal and Technical Blog. After 4 weeks, I noticed that there are 2 things that really can get the readership going:

  1. Write about articles relevant on that day/week
  2. Read other blogs and make relevant comments

On the health front, all went for a toss, I had training for 3 days in the week and one day off for republic day meant that Gym went was not an option and I was unable to get my discipline on eating habits. Book reading was put off a little as well and that was because it was the week of Australian Open 2012 and I spent a lot of time watching matches which obviously ruined any heads-up I have had on watching TV. I hope I will be able to bring some of these back on track in coming weeks.


It was Australian Open 2012 and India vs. Australia 4th test. While AO2012 was superb, Djokovic winning the Slam with some great matches in the end. I for the first time saw Rafa play 2 matches – against Federer and Djokovic and saw what a great player he is and only gained respect for this master athlete. A fellow blogger wrote about Rafa which reflects my feelings very well.

India was again disappointing. Virat Kohli did score a century which was some saving grace – the first century of the tour. Now, that the Test series is over, I am looking forward to the one day series and hope that this will be another story. I do not have any expectation from this series only hope that we will do better and live up to the expectations of a World Champion.


Well a train-wreck – dont wanna talk about this. I just hope that people understand that it takes time to turn a new leaf – it does not happen overnight. Baby steps need to be encouraged and not slammed.

2012 Week 3 in review

Roger Federer
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2012 has started to settle down now and life in new year is taking shape. Life in office which has been relatively simple continues to be so giving me time to learn technology for an upcoming project.


Doing relatively well against goals of blog writing, reading book and increasing readership. While the TV is coming back into life especially with the start of Australian Open and most matches being replayed in the evening. Yet, I am still happy on where I am overall. Need to put some more effort into my health especially visiting the GYM for my regular run. Next week also seems to be going down the drain for exercise because of project work. I will just not be able to take out time for exercise. A detailed assessment is sue sometime next week which will show me how I did overall. But, I am satisfied on how it has been till now.


Cricket took a break because India did not have a match. They start their last test match on Tuesday and things can become interesting once again. However, Australian Open was there to make life interesting. While all the big Guns (Rafa, Federer, Novak, Sharapova, Williams and …) did well weekend had some surprises. interestingly this year there have been a dozen retirals which was unlikely. Some highlights I want to bring out were:

  • Kim beating Li Na aftar a set down and saving 4 match points and that too when Kim had hurt herself in first set
  • Verdasco was thrown out by Tomic in first round
  • Tomic (19 year old Australian) played Federer with some talking about Tomic winning; but he was in for a tennis lesson. After a first set of fight, Roger put his foot on the accelerator and Tomic was asking himself what is he doing on this court
  • Azarenka looks to be in top form playing game of her life beating everyone with disdain
  • Serena Williams was in superb form (she lost on Monday in 4th round)


Personal Life

All is going better than expected. Positive energy is showing up everywhere and radiating back as well which is nice for a change :). Sunday was a sligh bump and it was because of TV where I got lazy. I guess TV is the evil in my life and I need to now subside it just enough. No need to kill it, but needs to go down



2012: Week 2 in Review


Last week, after I wrote that I am doing well against my goals, Sunday was a train wreck. On Sunday alone, I watched twice as much television as I did the entire week. However, the week following brought back some sanity and it was getting normal yet again. Finances stabilized and as I started to spend more time on my blogs, I started to see readership jump marginally – a positive sign. I was also able to visit the Gym 3 times in the week for my regular treadmill run and was in no time I was cranking up 3K in around 25 minutes. Weekend was a mixed-bag where I got utterly lazy and just did not care of finishing up a couple of my tasks as I had planned, yet I was forth coming when it came to going out and figuring out various things for Aabhya’s coming birthday.

Overall, I am satisfied how I am progressing against my set goals for this year.


India slumped to a new low, loosing the Border-Gavaskar series to Australia as they lost their 7th straight test overseas. Everyone is now finding faults against the seniors and Dhoni. There have been rumors of Dhoni retiring from test cricket sooner than expected and also some of the senior players like Dravid and Laxman being axed. My emotions tell me that I am so much disappointed with how India is performing and they need to do something. No one, and I mean no one is able to perform in Australia and they have failed just as they did in England. While people talk about letting seniors go, I am wondering if infusion of fresh blood will really solve the problem? I think not, because India is simply unable to negotiate fast pitches and unless there is an effort to fix that, we will be here again – Dhoni or no Dhoni.


I became a fan of soccer when I bought FIFA 10 while I was in US. As I started to understand the players and team my interest in the game has ever increased. This year I am following 2 leagues – La Liga and Premier League. And in both the leagues the current leaders are surprised. La Liga not so much because Real Madrid is as strong a team as Barcelona, but Barcelona being second is a bigger surprise. While in Premier League, Manchester City is a surprise as it is 3 points clear of Manchester United. Chelsea and Arsenal not doing so well. Lets see if we see new champions crowned this year.

Personal Life

Could not have asked for a better start to the week. Preeti and Aabhya came back and last weekend’s void was filled with my kiddo’s “Google Talk”. Gosh, I have missed her. Over the week, she was mystified with her new year’s toys and was happy playing with them. It was like an eternity but I was so glad to be seeing Doraemon again. She would come to me and play nice to get the remote for the TV and I guess she is the only one who can do so now 🙂 and yet I love she does that.

Towards the end, time was spent in deciding if we are going to celebrate her birthday this year and also the Lohri on Friday the 13th).





2012: Week 1 in review

Unexpected is the only word I have to describe how this week went for me. I have been thinking, but then on Jan 2 is when I finally sat down and locked my Goals for 2012. And surprisingly, I have been done well against my goals – exceeding my expectations. As I did state in my goals, if I can drop watching TV, I would have a lot of time on my hands and yesterday and today simply proved how true this statement was. I was able to wrap up a 500 pager book by simply not watching TV. I now just need to find ways to utilize my time more productively – before I end up developing a habit of reading books that leave as just as lazy.

On career front, I am on the verge of writing articles for another online community. I received their invitation last night and after reviewing all that they have to offer, I just replied back gladly accepting their invitation. When I first started blogging in 2008 – I had two objectives:

  1. Give something back to the community – this was evident in a short while as people started to like my posts and added references to their articles

2. Get people to know me by virtue of something that I deliver

After 4 years of blogging, things are finally paying off. The second objective was much more important to me than the first one. And now, that I am already writing for DZone and now this new partnership – I feel a sense of proud that people who may have never met me are having an active dialogue with me through my work and they may be discussing it elsewhere.

In the sports arena, India lost their 2nd test match against Australia and it is their 6th straight loss abroad. A team that was ranked #1 just a few months back just and then they dropped to #3 after being whitewashed by England. They got back to #2 only because SA was not doing so well. Another whitewash is looking on the cards ans this will take India to most certainly #3 and may even push then down to #4 (Australia may be #3). Last year when India was riding the success of their World Cup victory, I wrote a few articles about Dhoni and how he had missed a cue. Suddenly, when I was reading the news today morning – Gavaskar, and other experts were saying the same thing. Australia is back to it resurgence and I have a feeling that very soon we are going to see them back to where they belong. Unless Dhoni does something different – he is simply going to wash out himself.

Preeti and Aabhya have been in Muzafarpur for this entire week; while I was supposed to fly out on Friday – some office work kept me back in Delhi. Last night when I went to sleep – I was missing Aabhya like anything. Today morning – Aparna also went back home and Misha is also gone. She reminds me of my days with Aabhya – but Aparna is too paranoid about so many things, that I do not spend too much time with Misha. But, my short visits to her room and whatever time I spend with her makes me happy and brings back all the memories of time I spent with Aabhya. Misha is a very quite child and will look so intently at you that sometimes I think that how can a child so small have such a good focus (maybe it is not, but it sure seems she is observing a lot).