Road Trip – Day 2

This trip was getting interesting all the time, given how it all started this was no surprise. After a good Day 1, I was not tired but slept very late around 1am. So, my start of the day plan was all messed up. Woke up late and when I met Bhua we were already late for Gurdwara and we had to hurry up.


It was about 20 minutes drive from Bhua’s place and as I pulled into the drive way, I was surprised to see that it did have the Gurudwara touch in the building architecture. A few pictures of Gurudwaras that I saw for Minnesota were like any other building. I know I attended the “Ardas” in many months. It was followed up with “prasad” and “langar” which was breakfast. The chai was great. I guess the feeling and being lucky of having “Guru ka langar” was so good.

Fair Oaks Dairy Farm

From Gurudwara, we moved over to the dairy farm. We decided to go with Bhua’s instinct but then mid-way followed the Google Mas Navigation and thay took us to another place. Finally, after going around in circles for about 30 minutes we found our way to the place. And we started off the tour.

We started off with a 4D presentation/movie about the farm and it was a very nice experience. It was kid stuff but made us laugh too. And it did tell us a lot about the farm. Then we went on the bus tour which nice. They showed us one of their farms and what all happened there. There were like 3000 cows on the farm (all mooings :)). We saw how they milked the cows and how well they are trained. It was a wonder to see cows move into place and then move out by themselves. I had never seen cows do trained things and this was a first one. They also had a place where they showed us how they rapidly cooled the milk from 101 deg to 36 deg. We could touch the pipes with milk flowing. They shared with some statistics and told us that every day they shipped almost 60000 gallons of mile from the facility. That is a lot of milk :). They had a maternity barn and when we arrived back from the tour a Cow had just given birth. We spent a few minutes there (in a way I am glad I didnt witness a birth; dont know why). Then we went over to there inhouse ice-cream and cheese shop. Tasted a few kinds of cheese and eat an ice-cream. All the pictures are available on my facebook album.

Michigan City Zoo

I have not been to a zoo in a long time, and never to one in US. So when I had some time on hands, I decided to go visit one nearby (Washington Park Zoo) in Michigan City. And it was once again a visit worth while. I reached the place after a drive for about 50 minutes from Bhua’s house and when I pulled in, I was surprised to see it was a huge park and one areas in the park was the zoo. There were once again so many people and many of them were out picnicking. There was a big beach nearby and a band was also playing. However, given the Zoo would close at 4pm and I reached here at 2.30, I headed straight for the zoo. As I entered, I started with Big Cats again. But this time, I was excited because I saw fascinating creatures and not in tall fences. So this meant I had a clear shot at them and could get some good close-ups using my 55-200mm lens. I took almost 175 picures only a few have been uploaded to a Facebook Album here.

Wrapping up

After spending about 2+ hours in the zoo, I drove back to Bhua’s house and retired for the day. On Day 1, I did call up other Bhua’s to see if I can meet them or not and now I was getting call-backs. Finally after much thinking and talking it was decided I would stay with Bhua for the night and go over to Ashi Bhua’s place next morning. Bhua also suggested to visit House on the Rock. It seemed nice, but as I went over to sleep I had no clue what I was in for my day back to Plymouth. The evening went well and I worked with Bhua on a couple of things – recording from tape and some additional tips and tricks on her Android phone. Finally, I went to my room but sleep was avoiding me this time and I slept only around 2.30am.

The next day had many things were in store for me, which I had not thought about. All of that in another post.