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Coming Home

My trip to India has been a very eventful one Saturday and now I start all over again on Sunday, hoping that everything can only go up from now on. And mid-way (in terms of # of flights) at Chicago Airport, I am happy the way things have gone and am waiting and excited to get on my next flight to Delhi. Read more to know how this one went…

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What the hell is Facebook doing?

Facebook is a billion dollar company and they need to do a better job of being one. They should look at Google for one.

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I feel cheated by Google

I feel cheated. Google should know better and give me an option to select what I want to see – personalized or not. They can not take away my right to information based on how I have been browsing.

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Revelation beyond expectation | Indian cricket team has work to do

In some sense I am happy that I did this and sad that no one in BCCI or Indian camp is talking about it. Unless we know where we are we cant look to get better. We need to know our missing points. I rather be a critic to point out the things that didnt […]

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Hectice Schedule of a Social Media Manager

BRAND AMBASSADORS. CONTENT MANAGERS. EVANGELISTS. These are all words that are often used to describe the constantly evolving social media manager of today. In order to be a successful one, he or she must take on a pretty demanding schedule of constant updates, meetings and tweets — all the while maintaining an effective online presence. Today’s #E2sday offers us a glimpse inside a hardworking social media manager’s day.

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Being Proud

What I understand is that yeah feeding Stray-dogs is not enough; but what I do like is the fact that Ashish does something; this behavior one day will lead him to do bigger things; it reminds me of Small Steps.

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Will dlvr.it work this time?

One change in the account that I think screwed up the settings and delivery to facebook. Let us see now.

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