Whats the fuss | Porn?

Last few days have been interesting given that a “taboo” topic was brought to the center of everyone’s life. Where families like mine we would not speak of the topic, News, Entertainment, name it – everyone was talking about it – Porn. And it all started in the middle of political arena when the news of 3 ministers in Karnatka assembly watching porn on their mobile phones spread like wildfire. It had to because this time it was BJP on the line especially when Congress has been taking the heat for a long time. They had to retaliate, but they got the reasons all wrong.

I have been hearing of this case on Radio channels for last couple of days, and have been thinking why the fuss. Last night, a fellow blogger wrote about this which summarizes my views on the topics.

I can’t reconcile with the fact that these ministers have resigned from their post if the reason was that they were not doing their work, but everyone around is talking about “they were watching porn” makes no sense to me. A very popular radio station has been mocking the same reason when one of their self-marketing slogan “Aaj ka radio station” has a teaser “Baap ke zamaane main danda maarne ke kaam aata tha, aur aaj ke zamaane main…” (rest we all know what they want to imply).

Seriously?! How can a media group lay double standards in same breath? Lets penalize the ministers for not doing their jobs, but not for watching something that is so open now in everyday world. Another fellow blogger wrote about the movie Ra-one placed as a Children movie, and i agree with him. I was looking forward to watching this movie on a Sunday night with my family and after 20 minutes, I had to turn back to another channel because it had profanity beyond reason.

Media – phew we all know what they can do, this is just another example.


Update: updated the text after reading Asif’s comment, I did a typo… Oops!!