Live as if there is no tomorrow – or maybe not

People say, “You will get hit by a bus and you wont know what hit you. Live life as if there is no tomorrow.”

This is all crap. It is life. You will not get hit by a bus and in all probable cases you will live up to 70-80 years. You will have to live with the choices you make. Your decisions will come back to haunt you.

“Live life as if there is a tomorrow. As if, there are going to be many tomorrows.”


But still get a life insurance, just in case there is no tomorrow 🙂

I would die for…

Inspired from Cheeni Kum starring Amitabh Bachan (Buddha) and Tabbu (Neena). Movie was about an old man who falls in love with a woman who is 30 years younger to him. The woman also loves him and they decide to marry each other. Neena’s father is against the marriage. Buddha, is trying to make him understand the fact. Buddha, has a neighbor, a 5-year old girl is suffering from cancer and is destined to die soon. The last scene of the movie is a setting in Delhi’s Qutab Minar. Buddha, goes to Qutab and wishes for Neena and his wish comes true. 5 minutes later he receives a call which tells him that his neighbor has died just 5 minutes earlier. He now wants to go back and wants to wish for the life of the little neighbor, but he can not.

I saw the scene and I instantly, realized something. For me, people live their lives “not to die”. Is life that simple? Would I want to live my life-like this? No way. I want to live life and believe that we can not live life unless we live to die.

I would die for having my family with me. I would die for having my friends with me. I would die for all the good things that I have around me. Would you not?