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Be a Slave or Be Selfish

My nephew (Sushant) has started his new blog and he started off with a great topic - Being Slave. However, as the comments started up and we picked up the debate it left me with this thought - "Be a Slave or Be Selfish". In one of his comments, Sushant mentioned that there is nothing called "Selfless deed" and argument being - if a person chooses to be selfless and take up pain, that is for their self-satisfaction and hence it is not self-less.

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Well this has me confused - It is also said - "you can choose your own destiny". If Destiny does exists, then no matter what I choose to do throughout my life, all those actions nonetheless lead me to a very predetermined destiny. So where is my free will? So why do I struggle everyday with all those decisions that I make? Why do I even exist as a puppet?

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The feeling of being stuck

I dont know who to turn up to for answers that are neutral; I dont know even if anyone can come up with a neutral answer. Every person has their experience and unique situation in their life and their answers are influenced by those situations. What I am feeling is unique in its own sense and I need to find answers in those situations only. I hope I can reach out to God and seek guidance.

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I will not change the course of the train and let destiny play its part for the kids who are playing on the track on which the train is bound. Maybe they are aware that that track is operational and are aware; or maybe they are just being ignorant kids. Who knows why that track is not operational and I may be putting many more at risk by making that decision.

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Leaders or just Managers?

Maybe, this is a trait of a successful manager, I do not believe that this is a trait for a good leader. I have not done any MBA, but all these people who are running companies around me are MBS from IIMs and other premier institutes. I do not understand the rationale behind it.

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Morale, now becomes a vital factor in their growth. How they think/feel/perform is directly proportionate to how I would handle their expectations. I think it all boils down to keep them self-motivated. To give them new challenges that they can take to the next level. The fact that I need to keep my every team member motivated, is a motivation for me.

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Mayan predictions for 2012 – What is it exactly?

This is where all goes crazy; Mayans believed that at the end of the time a new age started, but there are no artifacts from the Mayan era that tell what will happen when that time comes. Another dimension to this is the belief that there are 5 ages, and we are already in the 5th age and hence earth has to end for all purposes. People have theories like - All the planets in the solar systems will align and a huge gravitational force will pull Earth in the black hole or There will be a solar flare which will bring in radiation and kill everything; or a meteor will strike earth like Armageddon.

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My Life ~ How I drive

I was in the fast lane always, wanted to do everything the same day, wanted to to everything - simply rushing past my life. But, for last few months, I have changed quite a bit. I do not push as hard as I used to earlier, I do not rush into things as I used to earlier, most importantly I am thinking a lot more than I used to. And, I realize how important all this was.

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