The Perfect Blog Post

Recently, i told someone that i stopped blogging because I need time to frame my thoughts and when i sit to write down it takes me hours to compile a thought i a manner that it would make sense and i am happy with it. what was happening that in the process of getting the “perfect post”, I would not get anything up there.

once again, i find myself at a time where my head is crowded with several things and i can not really make up my mind. And i need someone to bounce of my ideas to be able to get my head sorted out. Of course while I can (will) speak to my wife, I need a way to go back and view the structure of how i am thinking. This space has been a good way for me to write down what I am thinking and it has always helped, but like always I am charred with this being global and vary about how this may impact when people read about it. So of course while I construct my thinking, I find the need to be politically correct and this is becoming a more of a burden than anything.

I want to take a leap of faith and just go with the flow and see what happens.
What if…?

Change or not?!

Why can people not love us for who we are? Why do people always want to change us?

I don’t have an answer today – maybe someday!!


A 360 degree turn

Two months back when I came back to India, little I knew that my life would take a U-turn for good. Everything that has happened since July 26 is a welcome surprise. And, it all started with my leadership to decide to allocate me to a project. Next few weeks unfolded very differently

  • I was told that there is a possibility I would be sent on bench if no suitable project was found for me;
  • I was awarded IMPax award which meant I was recognized by the CTO of the organization for my work towards the Java Technology
  • I was told by “the director” who leads Architects in India that I am not skilled enough to be an Architect

On the other side, I was making super-duper progress on my personal front and within a few weeks of my arrival back to India I had achieved:

  • Learnt PHP and WordPress and moved my websites/blogs to self-managed hosted environment;
  • Gave share to my iFramework so that it can be shared with a community bigger than any organization (open source community)
    • I finally released my project to OSS community as a Maven Central Project
  • DZone selected me as one of their Most Valuable Blogger – which meant they would publish my articles on their JavaLobby
  • I started to work on the “Testing Framework” that was Work In Progress for last 3 years and finally I gave it shape that i can be released as a framework
    • Even purchased domain for it:
  • Wrote a Multi-threading framework

On personal side, some things started to change and in all this mix I realized one thing – I had lost my touch on technology during last thre years and all this happened because a laid-back attitude that I had developed. Now, that for 6 weeks I was so active which was hard to believe, it seemed appropriate to continue with the momentum and it was time to do things that matter.

Last 3 years made me realize that age is catching up with me and if I do not do something substantial soon, it will be too late. I would have another 2 (maybe 3) years to make a significant impact on my career.

Amongst all of the changes, it became evident that it was time to move on from my current organization and figure out whats next. And, here I am now just looking at another month maybe 5 weeks with my current organization and still figuring out whats the next best thing to do for me to make the very best use of next few years of my professional life.


I was thinking of making change to my blog for a while now, one big thing that I have been thinking is to move the blog over to a personal hosting space so that I can manage my blog myself. However, after much deliberation I decided to keep the blog on wordpress’s common hosting site.

However, I did decide to change a few things on my blog and one of that is the name and other on how it looks.

Time for a Change – The new name

Illustration depicting thought.
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It has been a while since I first thought of upgrading my domain to a proper domain name and get rid of the blog-engine from the address bar. I thought about setting up a website and host the blog of my own, but then it was too much to handle and make sure that I keep updating the hosted version with so many widgets and of course configure them. Finally, I decided to keep things simple and just keep using the hosting by WordPress and simply buy out their domain mapping, which is not that expensive.

And here is my new Site – just the change to the name for now and a new tag line. The reason for a new name and tag-line has been because of what and how  given how I have thought more recently. while my “Pursuit for Happyness” still goes on; I am now thinking more radically than ever and I hope that I just find peace along the way. Somehow, I have started to believe that trying to find Happyness is making me do things that I should not have done and I am complicating things. I just have to keep things simple and go back to basics – Bizarre!! Yeah I know, I am still trying to figure it out. Maybe it matches up 🙂

Let me know what you think? Like it or not – always welcome.

Control – can we ever be in control?

Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of this principle:

Some things are within our control, and others are not. It is only after we have accepted this fundamental rule, and learn to distinguish between what we can control and those we can not, that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible.