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The Perfect Blog Post

Recently, i told someone that i stopped blogging because I need time to frame my thoughts and when i sit to write down it takes me hours to compile a thought i a manner that it would make sense and i am happy with it. what was happening that in the process of getting the…

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Change or not?!

Why can people not love us for who we are? Why do people always want to change us? I don’t have an answer today – maybe someday!!   Related articles You’ve changed Everything changes, and nothing ever stays the same.

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A 360 degree turn

Two months back when I came back to India, little I knew that my life would take a U-turn for good. Everything that has happened since July 26 is a welcome surprise. And, it all started with my leadership to decide to allocate me to a project. Next few weeks unfolded very differently I was…

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I was thinking of making change to my blog for a while now, one big thing that I have been thinking is to move the blog over to a personal hosting space so that I can manage my blog myself. However, after much deliberation I decided to keep the blog on wordpress's common hosting site.

However, I did decide to change a few things on my blog and one of that is the name and other on how it looks.

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