Root cause of all problems – “Yes”

Ironic to the title of this post, I want to share my feelings where we tend to please someone so many times by ending up saying “yes” to everything they ask. Many a times we have heard from people: “Learn to say no”.

This such an important thing because Every no takes you nearer to a yes”. Every no takes you closer to the “Yes” you want. Understanding each No is a roadblock that has been removed from your path to your goal.”

Does it matter who gets the Credit?

You can have whatever you want so long as it does not matter who gets the credit

It’s so human to crave applause and recognition and acclaim. We all want to be appreciated by our peers. But leadership is a lot more than trying to look good in the eyes of others. It’s about standing for A Cause. It’s about being excellent as you do your work. It’s about leaving people better than how you found them. And it’s about not worrying who gets the credit for a job well done.

People who are brilliant at what they do always get found out.

The cliché is true: The cream always rises to the top. The best always come to light. And The Great Ones amongst us can never be held back.