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NASCAR // The Night Out(s)

We are still about 90 minutes from the green flag drop and in office, I have with me 5 of my team members who are part of Level 2 support and have been responsible of running this beast of a platform day in and day out. They are the warriors who hold up the gates while several million fans enjoy the sport out there. NASCAR's editorial team is already on ground and the press passes are starting on; I can see updates coming on home page. Today, we will have Matt Kensth lead the field - he was the winner last week as well so a strong start for him. Three of us - Nitin Tyagi, Kiran and me play fantasy very aggressively and are competing very closely.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right

Last year, I had the opportunity of working with some distinct groups of people. Both groups having folks who are masters in their domain; own the people and provide them to people like me who own delivering projects; have their own growth paths where no inputs are sought form us kind of stuff.   When…

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Passion // Worth it?

I am back today, because I feel the need to write out my thoughts and get rid of negative energy that has been flowing around me. I have been working on a project for last 12 months and it has been a wonderful experience for me. I have loved every minute of the project. It…

Dilbert ~ Marketing

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Effort vs. Value

A fellow blogger wrote about Income Inequality and in his post he also mentioned about glaring lack of demand for effort equality. The point as I understand John is trying to make is simple that while we seek incomes for everyone to be equal, we often forget the need for efforts to be same. As…

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Goodbye 2011

I recently read somewhere – “Nothing really ends when a year ends. But a lot can begin when a new year begins”. But, a beginning without an introspect would be simply be aimless. While this may be okay for some, for me 2012 has to be in perspective of what 2011 was – this is…

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No end is Good

We all know ends are never good; but when it is an end of a relationship, it is upto the people who the end remains and how well they continue to be in touch. It is at this time, when a person's true self is displayed - it is now that a character is revealed.

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Why this Kolavari Di?

Start of the Last month of year 2011 posed a very challenging and a life altering situation. I was provided with a choice to let go of my current career and dive into a brand new career to start a journey towards a hopefully better tomorrow. It was something that I have been thinking for…

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A 360 degree turn

Two months back when I came back to India, little I knew that my life would take a U-turn for good. Everything that has happened since July 26 is a welcome surprise. And, it all started with my¬†leadership to decide¬†to allocate me to a project. Next few weeks unfolded very differently I was told that…

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