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Why, over What

Today i saw an email go out which has details of some deployment to a certain group of people who would have no clue what is in there because we haven’t enabled them on them yet. It’s a well established process that has been running for about a few years now (I suppose).   My immediate question…

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The Perfect Blog Post

Recently, i told someone that i stopped blogging because I need time to frame my thoughts and when i sit to write down it takes me hours to compile a thought i a manner that it would make sense and i am happy with it. what was happening that in the process of getting the…

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Last month, I went back to using an Android (Sony Xperia Z) from using an iPhone 5 (reasons apart). As I moved through the transition I realized while Android had a lot of features, the feel of an Apple was missing. At this point, I was forced to using my phone. But, this “forced behavior”…

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I did something

Then I left for the person to ponder over it and decide for him/herself if he/she wants to do something about it or not. I realized this was not my problem really // it not is today, it never was ever. I shared my perspective and let the person deal with it, and that is needed only if they think this is a problem.

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Can’t Stop Thinking…!!

The question I am asking myself now is - "Do I continue to deliver excellence irrespective what people maybe thinking? Or is it time to move on and do something fresh?" Or is there a way around which is keep going through the grind and keep pushing until the wall is moved?

I don't know yet. What would you do?

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This time I got to do something about it

Retaliating back is not the answer. neither responses like "Go and work this out" are going to do this time. This is not my problem - and I need to let people know they got to fix their problem else they have a much bigger one on their hand. I let people make from tough choices.

So what am I going to do? I am going to sit this one out for a couple of weeks and work on alienating my anger from the real issue on hand. Then I am going to go about solving this problem like I go about solving any other. Problem you should be worried, because when I put my mind to solving something, always that problem goes away.

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The Parasite // Time to Fight

I can feel the parasite rise inside me once again; like it has done a several times. Time has come for me to deal with it once again and this time I am not going to run, I am not going to hide - but I am going to attack it back. I am going to fight it back like I have fought several other battles. I am going to find the cure ~ or I am going to throw it out of my system.

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