I was thinking of making change to my blog for a while now, one big thing that I have been thinking is to move the blog over to a personal hosting space so that I can manage my blog myself. However, after much deliberation I decided to keep the blog on wordpress’s common hosting site.

However, I did decide to change a few things on my blog and one of that is the name and other on how it looks.

Time for a Change – The new name

Illustration depicting thought.
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It has been a while since I first thought of upgrading my domain to a proper domain name and get rid of the blog-engine from the address bar. I thought about setting up a website and host the blog of my own, but then it was too much to handle and make sure that I keep updating the hosted version with so many widgets and of course configure them. Finally, I decided to keep things simple and just keep using the hosting by WordPress and simply buy out their domain mapping, which is not that expensive.

And here is my new Site – just the change to the name for now and a new tag line. The reason for a new name and tag-line has been because of what and how  given how I have thought more recently. while my “Pursuit for Happyness” still goes on; I am now thinking more radically than ever and I hope that I just find peace along the way. Somehow, I have started to believe that trying to find Happyness is making me do things that I should not have done and I am complicating things. I just have to keep things simple and go back to basics – Bizarre!! Yeah I know, I am still trying to figure it out. Maybe it matches up 🙂

Let me know what you think? Like it or not – always welcome.