Immortals of Meluha: The hidden messages | The inner anti-matter

I picked up the book last week, because I heard a lot about it. The idea of Mythology + Fiction did not seem too exciting, but I was in for a surprise. Amish Tripathi places the book at a breathtaking pace. The story is about a man Shiva who as per legend is the savior. If you are looking for a review, I found a good one here.

Last 3 chapters – “A Stunning Revelation”, “Island of the Individual” and “The Question of Questions” are by far the most gripping ones and pass on several messages. I started to narrate this story to my 4 year old who insists on hearing bedtime stories and on reflection I find that the book all along the way holds several messages that are resonate with how the world is today. I found another blog that talks about the fusion of faith of fusion being a best seller and also bring into notice the work by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code on these categories. On the whole I agree with the author but there are subtitles where I will disagree. I am not a reviewer as the author may be, so I am going to stay away from that discussion. However, I will bring out the messages that I found relevant to our current society.

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