The LinkedIn endorsement // where is the accountability?

I call it fever, because it is catching up like one. Every week, I get dozens of endorsements from previous colleagues and when I read them there are so many that

linkedin (Photo credit: Inmobiliaria Lares, Cangas)

are not even relevant to what I have done in past. I wonder at times, how someone would just just endorse me for stuff that they have no clue in context of me. Yet, here I am getting endorsements for me all over.

To level set, when I get these endorsements I don’t accept them just like that // I don’t want to be in a rat race where I can boast of having most endorsements in a certain social group. How I don’t see this is something like a social blog that I had posted which I’d like everyone to like and repost and share so that I get some brownie points. This is some information about me telling people what I am good at. I can’t in right mid accept an endorsement for which I have no clue about. I can’t fathom to be in a conversation because of this endorsement and then sounding like a fool // it is like faking a resume.


I do think, how does LinkedIn benefit from this feature? I know that somewhere this information (tagging) is used for searches and what have you. As people are searching for talent, these endorsements do play a part. I am sure, LinkedIn thought of faking endorsements and believed why would someone do it because end of the day if one is reached because of a skill they need to back it up // maybe thats the reason why the “Accept” function exists. But, it is not used wisely by people – i can see profiles of people who don’t know shit about stuff yet skills show up on their profiles and I am sure it happens not because of malice but because people have different baselines of “endorsements”. Where I believe endorsement as a skill that one would be good at, it might not mean the same to someone else. Hence, the chaos around all this or maybe how I see it.

I just hope that LinkedIn does takes care of this by building intelligence in behaviors of people, like if i rejected endorsements from 1 person all the time, there has to be some ding that needs to happen for that person; say “no more endorsements for next x days” or something like that. The no accountability system is the cause of several problems, and I hope LinkedIn does something to fix this and assign some.