For One Self

You can either live loved and die with about 400 people besides you but knowing you did not do stuff for yourself or you can live for yourself and maybe die alone and hated.I am fast moving towards the later and I do not know yet if that is a good place to be. But, I know end of the day these are my choices and I wont have anyone else to blame when I am on the death bed. I will at least be saying to myself I lived my life on my terms rather than cursing 100s of people of making my life something I do not want it to be.

Does that makes me a bad person?

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A community can’t grow unless… is a site that has great potential especially in a community like India where gaming on consoles still need a boost. The current state of the community is nothing but a sorry and disappointed state which if not fixed fast will only lead to starvation of gamers who are more mature. The community can either be just a trading site (which we can do on OLX of Quikr) or it can be a great community - the decision is with the leaders.

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Assassins Creed Unity

This is that time of the year when I go back to playing my favorite games on PlayStation. This year the gaming arena has changed a lot and I am experiencing a lot of exposure to games in India people + the fact that there is a huge play of Open World, freedom of choice, how…

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TH8 Base 02 – Defense Log

My base for the first week and its Defense Log   You will see this is a good farming base. I didn’t lose all 4 storages (barring once). So why change it? Simply because this would not hold all my defenses. you can see I had 1 Wz Tower outside (just finished) and then I…

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Journey to TH9

Its been a week on TH8 and it is fun. I have made a lot of progress and I am looking forward to keep moving ahead with it.  Achievements During this week, I got 3 big ones. Got to Level 70 // I am i think 4th in my clan when it comes to Levels…

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TH7 Base and Defense

This is first one in the series… I have been using this Farming base for a while now and here is a log of how it has been faring. This base in last 2 weeks has been attacked several times. As expected i have been sniped several times, but there have been some heavy attacks…

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