Layer over Layer over Layer

just let me be
just let me be

I sit on a method (a manner) that I know will make me perform my duties more efficiently. Yet, I have to build a case to get approvals from I don’t know how many people. Still, I drafted an email last week on Thursday with options and was hoping that I will have the decisions (one way or another) very soon. I came back into office today (4 working days have gone by) and the first layer of approval is not in place. And yes, there is at-least 1 more that I know of (maybe more).

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I sit here with years of experience of building things, yet I have to “seek approvals” on trivial things. This is part of a larger design in my life and how I have been working. While I have the freedom to build things how I want to, yet somehow everything I do needs someone to sign-off. Something I should have been using today most probably I will never do now as there are other things I have to do.

People need to realize I am not their average technology/architect that they work with.

<rant over/>

What the hell is Facebook doing?

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The size at which they are, they are not doing a good job of managing mobile devices. Until now, I have been using Facebook on laptop and my Android Phone. The application on the Gingerbread has been an average app – push notifications not working when they claimed it should be working with their release 1.5.

Recently, the application does not work very well on Firefox. The notifications would continue to load and the alerts for notifications would not go away. There have been similar bugs especially around updates on Firefox.

Now, when I moved to Tablets – I realized that Facebook does not have any official application for either iPad or Honeycomb. For Honeycomb I was able to use v1.5 because I had that installed on my phone and it got installed by itself. But, when they released v1.6 my tablet does not finds it in the market.

Facebook is a billion dollar company and they need to do a better job of being one. They should look at Google for one.


We Are Marshall
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Morale is the enthusiasm of a person at a particular time. I relate this to the workplace and I know this is the only thing that gets someone going. Last Thursday, there was a full team meeting at my workplace and somethings happened that make me think how do we make everyone on the team happy? 

One of the leaders of the team went beyond to recognize a team member of a track of just 2 people. I felt good about it, as she was on my team and was getting recognized for all the good work. I could clearly see my efforts being paid off. But, what I failed to look into that the other team member was getting ignored. She has done all that is needed to do to make the project a success. For me she has been a very key member of the team and without her on the team, I would not have delivered the great work. In my mind this was clear, but she was looking for some appreciation from other folks as well. When I put myself in her shoes, I find how right is she? When I was at her place a couple of years back that is exactly how I was structuring my thoughts.

Very interestingly, I start to think about my whole team and see how can I make them a success in their own worlds. Success to everyone would mean differently. For this member it is a simple recognition by a leader, an acknowledgment by someone other than just me. For others it can be monitory and for someone else it can be something else. Just to be able to understand every one’s dreams and give them the right recognition when they do a good job is a difficult task.

Morale, now becomes a vital factor in their growth. How they think/feel/perform is directly proportionate to how I would handle their expectations. I think it all boils down to keep them self-motivated. To give them new challenges that they can take to the next level. The fact that I need to keep my every team member motivated, is a motivation for me.

Also comes to mind some of my favorite movies from – “Remember the Titans”, “Miracle”, “We are Marshall” come to mind and how the teams who had struggled to deliver anything became the best. It was not just about the coach who led these team; but it was more about the players in the team and how they brought it all together.

In cricket why are the south africans called the proteas?

South Africa calls their national cricket team the Proteas because the Protea Flower is their national flower. As is also the case where the notional rugby team is concerned. they are called the Springboks, which is the national antelope of South Africa