TH7 Base and Defense

This is first one in the series… I have been using this Farming base for a while now and here is a log of how it has been faring.

CoC TH7 Farming Base

This base in last 2 weeks has been attacked several times. As expected i have been sniped several times, but there have been some heavy attacks and this base has done extremely well. Here is a Defense Log for it.

Def 1 – 16 Giants, 1 Healer, 24 Archers, 2 Balloons, 21 Barbs, 2 Wizards, 5 Minions, 2 WBs, 24 Goblins, 1 Heal Spell. 26% destroyed. 1 Storage Lost.

Def 2 – 14 Giants, 1 Wizard, 34 Goblins, 1 Dragon. 17% destroyed. 0 Storages Lost.

Def 3 – 75 Archers, 23 Giants, 5 Barbs, 5 WBs, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Heal Spell. 28% destroyed. 0 Storages Lost.

Def 4 – 8 Giants, 12 WBs, 76 Archers, 60 Barbs, 1 Lighting Spell, 1 Heal Spell. 50% destroyed, 1 Storage Lost.

Def 5 – 14 Giants, 31 Archers, 2 WBs, 1 Healer, 27 Barbs, 22 GOblins. 23% destroyed. 0 Storages Lost.

Def 6 – 16 Giants, 6 WBs, 2 Healers, 30 Barbarians, 60 Archers, 15 Goblins, 2 Lightening Spells. 45% destroyed, 1 Storage Lost.

Def 7 – 39 Archers, 10 Giants, 9 WBs, 24 Barbarians, 49 Goblins. 49% destroyed. 2 Storages Lost.

Def 8 – 17 Giants, 6 WBs, 63 Archers, 40 Goblins, 1 BK, 1 Light Spell, 1 Heal Spell, 1 Rage Spell. 34% destroyed, 1 Storage Lost.

Def 9 – 37 Wizards, 1 Healer, 3 PEKKA, 3 Goblins, 2 Heal SPell, 2 Rage Spell, 1 Light Spell – 100% destroyed. 4 Storages Lost.

Def 10 – 54 Barbarians, 87 Archers, 1 BK, 1 Heal Spell. 32% destroyed. 1 Storage Lost.

Def 11 – 17 Arhcers, 3 Giants, 6 WBs, 1 BK, 14 Goblins, 1 Healer, 2 Rage Spell, 1 Heal Spell. 8% destroyed. 0 Storage Lost.

Def 12 – 102 Barbarians, 100 Archers, 4 WBs, 1 BK, 1 Light Spell. 80% destroyed, 2 Storages Lost. (I didnt have any CC troops, as last def was a win).


Clash of Clans

story short, this is a Tower Defense Game that has got me hooked on for a few months now. It all started back on November and not it has been about 3 months since i first started playing this game.

I have played a lot of games in past but this is by far the 2nd game only that I have liked and played a lot (first bring FIFA on PS3). This is a fun past time which for me sometimes has more than being a past time – it is addictive to a certain extent but i guess I am now finally reaching a point when this is going to be a nice past time – playing for a couple of hours once i am back home just like I used to do with playing PS3 back in 2013.



This Time! I am going to sleep over it

This I can deal with, actually I have been dealing with all my life.


This I can’t.


Twice earlier when I was told that I haven’t done enough to have earned the right to a conversation about what my life – I had quit on the person who said that.

This time, I am going to sleep over it.



The LinkedIn endorsement // where is the accountability?

I call it fever, because it is catching up like one. Every week, I get dozens of endorsements from previous colleagues and when I read them there are so many that

linkedin (Photo credit: Inmobiliaria Lares, Cangas)

are not even relevant to what I have done in past. I wonder at times, how someone would just just endorse me for stuff that they have no clue in context of me. Yet, here I am getting endorsements for me all over.

To level set, when I get these endorsements I don’t accept them just like that // I don’t want to be in a rat race where I can boast of having most endorsements in a certain social group. How I don’t see this is something like a social blog that I had posted which I’d like everyone to like and repost and share so that I get some brownie points. This is some information about me telling people what I am good at. I can’t in right mid accept an endorsement for which I have no clue about. I can’t fathom to be in a conversation because of this endorsement and then sounding like a fool // it is like faking a resume.


I do think, how does LinkedIn benefit from this feature? I know that somewhere this information (tagging) is used for searches and what have you. As people are searching for talent, these endorsements do play a part. I am sure, LinkedIn thought of faking endorsements and believed why would someone do it because end of the day if one is reached because of a skill they need to back it up // maybe thats the reason why the “Accept” function exists. But, it is not used wisely by people – i can see profiles of people who don’t know shit about stuff yet skills show up on their profiles and I am sure it happens not because of malice but because people have different baselines of “endorsements”. Where I believe endorsement as a skill that one would be good at, it might not mean the same to someone else. Hence, the chaos around all this or maybe how I see it.

I just hope that LinkedIn does takes care of this by building intelligence in behaviors of people, like if i rejected endorsements from 1 person all the time, there has to be some ding that needs to happen for that person; say “no more endorsements for next x days” or something like that. The no accountability system is the cause of several problems, and I hope LinkedIn does something to fix this and assign some.


Assassins Creed 3 // A Mixed bag

Last week I started playing the game and earlier this week I finished it as well. It is not that I played for hours. All in all this one had about 12 sequences each having

Assassin's Creed: Lineage
Assassin’s Creed: Lineage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3-5 missions that needed completion. Now that I am done, I realize that I would have been able to finish the game in flat 10 hours if it wasn’t for the glitches and all those side missions that kept propping up and I felt that the need to do all of those because it would have an impact on how the game unfolds.


At some level, the game is dis-appointing when I consider the prequels like the Brotherhood and Revelations. I could have finished the game without needed a single pound (it was dollars in the previous versions). The game stands completed with 40% still undone so which means there are missions all over the place that I can go back and do with the only incentive being a completion rate and no impact on the main story. The things that I don’t like are

  • There are glitches at some places. Some of these glitches don’t open up missions on maps and you have to run around and even then they won’t come up. While at times it does makes a difference when you go to the place, sometimes they just don’t popup and it gets frustrating
  • Game actually hung on me twice and I had to restart the console – this has never happened with any of the games AC or anything else
  • The main missions are way too easy when compared to the older versions. I went back to see if there is a way to set the difficulty (like GOW) but there is none. The soldiers are way too less and I was able to kill all of them no matter how many would come even with the basic of the weapons with which i started the game. The ship fights were a little tight, but once I got the hang of it they were way too easy
  • Contrary to previous point, the side missions are way too much and some of them are nuisance like catching wild animal in the Frontier
  • AC3 has an open world that is way more than any of the previous games which eventually seems like a distraction and does not adds to the game. Like in previous ones, I would have expected the need of earning money to be key as I would need advanced weapons but none of that is needed in this version. I can finish all main missions without doing any side missions
  • I missed the free running missions // they are just so less in this version of the game. Last few games free running was just amazing and having missions around those were simply awesome to master. AC3 doesn’t have a lot of it.


Of course that the game did have its good parts as well

  • The whole driving a ship in the open sea and get into a battle of different kind was pretty cool. I had a few battles and it was cool killing ships with different set of weapons
  • Another thing that was good about this was the aspect of how the game gets realistic. If you are doing a mission like assisting a farmer harvesting, the missions comes up only if it is daytime because logically during day time the farmers would be sleep. There were hints of this Revelations when we had to conquer forts and there were shift changes if a captain/officer would flee the attack and you would have to wait
  • Side missions are nice some of those especially the homestead ones as it gives you a feel of growing the town unlike the previous ones where you buy shops, banks, etc and just earn money. This one makes you earn your money whether it is by growing homestead or saving your convoys from getting destroyed. It is like you are vested in yout little investment which was nice
  • Some of the movements are more streamlined like the Free Running is smoother than previous ones. Some of the new movements like jumping over not so high fences and then diving underneath opening are new moves which make this more real and fast. However, I would have liked to see more free running missions which are fun part and are very little here



If you have’t played this series then this is not the one to begin with a) you will not gather any context & story and b) you will not find this one boring as the main story is very limited and not that interesting compared to previous ones. But, then how can you not have played AC2, ACB or ACR. SO go and buy those 3 and then come to this one.

Why would you come to by AC3? For kicks of not missing any of the series. The cost is a bit steep given the fact that the game is almost a year old. Maybe wait for AC4 release and the price drops and you can buy. The game is still worth, because it changes how you interact with the game and the experience is still nice given you got to spend a few hours and you can always come back to achieve all 100% completion which would be interesting. There is so much side stuff you can do so if you are getting bored you can always go back for the side stuff. On the face value of main story alone, I wouldnt recommend, but as an overall package and being the series I wouldnt miss for the world.

Now decide who you are? Are you a series fan? Then go get it today.

Assasins Creed – III

I have been on a break for several months from my PS3. On this past weekend; The inspiration to get this back up was the upcoming launch of FIFA 14 which is due end-September. I finally got it back up and running and I got back to older games like the FIFA 13 and in a day I had listed down several games that I want to buy. The very first one I got my hands on was Assassins Creed III.

Assassin's Creed: Lineage
Assassin’s Creed: Lineage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I reached home finishing my day’s work, had dinner and hit the PS3. It was around midnight, so you can probably understand how much excited I was to get started with game. I have played AC2, AC brotherhood and AC revelations and all of them have taken up the experience a notch. The mechanics and the excitement of playing in a world I didnt know (1500s or what have you), and getting to do all sort of stuff like jumping roofs, using bows and arrows, melee attacks, buy clothes and look stylish, get new weapons like Swords, etc .was so cool. The best part of this series for me has been the whole Assassins aspect. The concept of me being a Master Assassin and then being able to recruit new folks and mentor and train them to be master assassins was just so captivating. Being able to control the battle from a roof top by commanding assassins to guard and then call them to get there and kill was the wow factor.


I started this game in the first 60 minutes, I felt this one was going to be different. It was slow. The era had changed, there was no connect to previous AC versions I had played. I was now in a modernish world. The game is played in Boston (first 3 hours) in 1750s and I had a pistol to use from the beginning. None of the older mechanics are true. There have been some glitches where I was painfully stuck because of what the game play was and unable to make the gun shooting very clear, but it is my sense that this will be a different experience.


The sad part is I cant see the connect from older AC version and the aspects which connected me are now missing. The good part is that there are some new things, I saw for the first time in AC series a concept of a weather – there was rain and then there was snow. I dont know if these are just visual affects or do they really impact the gameplay; this remains to be seen as I go deeper.


I am a little disappointed with this purchase, but for some reason I have faith in the designers that they cant do a bad job with AC. Let’s see how the weekend unfolds when I have planned out several hours of playing (of course if my kiddo allows me to). Will post a detailed review from my viewpoint soon.