Key to being a good manager

“The key to being a good manager is keeping the ones who hate me away from those who are still undecided”

The choice to live or die

Last week brought with itself a great learning experience for me; it was more of a self-realization. I did something that I never thought I would do. More surprisingly, I can bet all that I have that my family would not have even thought I would do that too. I have always lived my life from my heart and I have been happy as well or mostly. It is now that I have started to realize the number of hearts that I may have been breaking. There is a a famous saying:

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”

But if you commit the mistake of doing so, then remember that

“There is, in addition to a courage with which men die, a courage by which men must live.”

I have many people in my life who are my priority and I know I am not their option. But, the second quote still is very close to my heart because I need courage daily to deal with the curve balls that life has planned for me. One of them is Death.
With 32 years already spent in this life, what I do not know is how many more do I have? But, that is the least of my worries, because when I am gone, all my troubles are gone as well :-).  What I am worried is that how much time do I have with people around me? Some say it is not good to think this way, but that is the truth of life. Sometimes I sit and think of death, I remember what my Dad said to me once – Parents should always die before their children. The pain of loosing a child is unbearable. I believe that it can not be lesser than pain of loosing a parent. I do not know that yet, but one day I will have to bear that pain. Then, I think if I want to die first and give that pain to my kid or my wife? If given a choice, I would want to be  Paul Egdecomb from The Green Mile; who lives so long that everyone around him dies. I want to be the one who takes all the pain.

Cricket WC2011 – Mid-term assessment

Today in World Cup cricket the 24th match was played, that takes us to just past mid-way of the group matches (total being 42). There are 14 teams which have 10 test playing nations and 4 from the associations and at this stage there are only two teams who look somewhat formidable in this stage. Let us start with Group A.


Group A

Pakistan looks quite good sitting at the top of the table winning all the three matches and two of them against the minnows, but their performance against the Sub-continent side Sri Lanka was impressive – and that was not expected. However, Australia who lost one against India in the pre-cup games, is doing quite well winning 2 out of 2 but not against top sides. Their first test of the cup was against Sri Lanka, but then it was washed out. So their only next test before they get into Quarter finals will be against Pakistan late in the schedule. Until that happens no one knows where Australia will be. New Zealand seems to be doing average and most probably will qualify given Zimbabwe, Canada or Kenya wont be able to win against the Kiwis.


Group B

This is a more interesting group. Let me start in a very interesting way. India beat Ireland, Ireland beat England, England beat South Africa and South Africa beat West Indies. This does not mean that India is doing best. It simply means that this is a very open group at this point. Ireland is a surprise package, only if they would have beaten Bangladesh they had a good chance of qualify into Quarterfinals. South Africa was doing very well until they ran into spinners from England on a turning pitch. That showed how can they not play spin well. England lost to Ireland and was a surprise win over South Africa; but overall their bowling have been dis-appointing where they gave more than 290 runs in more than 2 occasions and two times it was against Ireland and Netherlands; India was the third occasion. India has not been doing very well either. Their decision to include Piyush Chawla over Pragyan Ojha or Ashwin came back to haunt them against England where he gave away 3 sixesin the penultimate over and India ended up with a draw where they could have won. And then against Ireland he was most expensive giving a boundary in every over he bowled. But, India’s consolation is their batting looks like holding up very well , they are not cracking under pressure. Yuvraj is back in form and so is Sehwag and Tendulkar and Kohli. India’s next big test will be in last 2 group matches against West Indies and South Africa.


For me from Group A, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand will qualify. And from Group B it will be India, South Africa, England and West Indies. However, I do not have a prediction of who will move to the semi-finals yet. Maybe after another 2 weeks when some of the giants have faced each other is when I can make up my mind.



Clifton Fadiman quotes “One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.”

So true, how can a friend change your life is something you know when you have a friend. Many a times when I call my old friends, we have just a few things to talk about and it is starts like “Aur kya haal chaal hai” – “theek hai”. And, then we do not have to find any other topics, we just chat 🙂 Thinking of some of my friends brings a smile to my face and I continue to think how lucky am I.


Here are some quotes that I have cherished for very long; I am sharing these with you all hoping that you will enjoy reading them as much as I did:

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”

“Recognizing and admitting fear is the first step to overcoming and neutralizing it”


“People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.”


“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”


“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week”


“Don’t waste time learning the “tricks of the trade. Instead, learn the trade.”


“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”


“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.”


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quite voice at the end saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”  ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

30 day Album

I am going to steal this concept from a friend – Alex (we met in Plymouth). I still have to find the time and ensure that I do not miss on this one.

Day 1: a photo of yourself
Day 2: a photo of yourself at least a year ago.
Day 3: a photo that makes you happy.
Day 4: a photo of a place you’d like to visit.
Day 5: a photo that makes you laugh.
Day 6: a photo of someone you love.
Day 7: a photo of something you stand for.
Day 8: a photo of something you enjoy doing.
Day 9: a photo of yourself when you were a baby.
Day 10: a photo you like for any reason.
Day 11: a photo of a night you loved.
Day 12: a photo of when you were happy.
Day 13: a photo of one of your favorite movies.
Day 14: a photo of your best friend (s).
Day 15: a photo of you and a family member.
Day 16: a photo from your childhood.
Day 17: a photo from a trip you’ll never forget.
Day 18: a photo of your town.
Day 19: a photo of your favorite thing from school.
Day 20: a photo of something you ate today.
Day 21: a photo of somebody you find attractive.
Day 22: a photo that you associate a good memory with.
Day 23: a photo of something you want to do someday.
Day 24: a photo of what you want to be when you grow up.
Day 25: a photo that inspires you.
Day 26: a photo of your favorite subject in school.
Day 27: a photo of something you are looking forward to.
Day 28: a photo of something/somebody that made your day.
Day 29: a photo of your favorite person from history.
Day 30: a photo you find beautiful.
Personal Twist
Day 31: a photo about a secret? – Maybe; maybe not

Road to World Cup 2011 – Edition 1 (1992)

This is not a road for a cricketer or a team, this is my road to the 6th Cricket World Cup that I am going to now follow in 2011. I remember that my love for cricket almost started with the World Cup of 1992 and has not stopped since then. Even though, I may have stopped following the game as actively as I could in the past, I still am a huge fan of the greatest event on the face of the earth (okay maybe 2nd FIFA being the first).


Not a very good year for the Team India. This one was played in Australia and New Zealand and I  dont remember a lot of what happened in that world cup. I remember clearly the semi and final matches. I had a bet running with my dad and brother on who would win. Pakistan had beaten NZ in the first semi and were waiting on the second finalist. the second finalist would have been between England and South Africa. It was the first WC for SA and they had made a big impact. The deal i Had with my brother was that if England wins, then Pakistan will win the cup but is SA qualifies then SA will win the cup. English beat the SA in a very crucial and heart-breaking finish. The DL method left SA needing 22 runs in 1 ball and they lost the semis and Pakistan completed their victory.

I dont remember much of India in the WC and one reason for that is that India performed very bad in the WC. The likes of Gavaskar, Shastri and a few more did not much and I think India finished 7th in the WC. There were 9 participating teams in the competition and it was sad to see India perform so bad. They just won 2 matches and I loved when they beat Pakistan. A few things that happened new in this edition was the: Day and night matches, white balls and colored uniforms.


1996 was a much more to remember and I will cover that in my second edition.