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TH8 Base 02 – Defense Log

My base for the first week and its Defense Log   You will see this is a good farming base. I didn’t lose all 4 storages (barring once). So why change it? Simply because this would not hold all my defenses. you can see I had 1 Wz Tower outside (just finished) and then I…

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Journey to TH9

Its been a week on TH8 and it is fun. I have made a lot of progress and I am looking forward to keep moving ahead with it. ¬†Achievements During this week, I got 3 big ones. Got to Level 70 // I am i think 4th in my clan when it comes to Levels…

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TH7 Base and Defense

This is first one in the series… I have been using this Farming base for a while now and here is a log of how it has been faring. This base in last 2 weeks has been attacked several times. As expected i have been sniped several times, but there have been some heavy attacks…

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Clash of Clans

story short, this is a Tower Defense Game that has got me hooked on for a few months now. It all started back on November and not it has been about 3 months since i first started playing this game. I have played a lot of games in past but this is by far the…

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Assassins Creed 3 // A Mixed bag


If you have't played this series then this is not the one to begin with a) you will not gather any context & story and b) you will not find this one boring as the main story is very limited and not that interesting compared to previous ones. But, then how can you not have played AC2, ACB or ACR. SO go and buy those 3 and then come to this one.

Why would you come to by AC3? For kicks of not missing any of the series. The cost is a bit steep given the fact that the game is almost a year old. Maybe wait for AC4 release and the price drops and you can buy. The game is still worth, because it changes how you interact with the game and the experience is still nice given you got to spend a few hours and you can always come back to achieve all 100% completion which would be interesting. There is so much side stuff you can do so if you are getting bored you can always go back for the side stuff. On the face value of main story alone, I wouldnt recommend, but as an overall package and being the series I wouldnt miss for the world.

Now decide who you are? Are you a series fan? Then go get it today.

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