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April 27

Miserable – why not?

End of the day – it’s a decision you have to make. What will make you “miserable enough” to be happy and going on to do what you want to do. Sometimes to get what you want, you have to give. Find that alternate.

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March 10

Freedom vs. responsibility

I came across this crisp post from Seth, which i am quoting below. Freedom and responsibility   Which do you want?   Freedom is the ability to set your schedule, to decide on the work you do, to make decisions.   Responsibility is being held accountable for your actions. It might involve figuring out how […]

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March 07

Several WTFs per minute

We all have our own definition of perfection… next time we should probably stop and ask what is clients’ definition. And if we spend just 30% of time pre and post (work), maybe we wont be having too many WTF moments

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I am Sorry, I was Angry

  Last few years, I have been angry at something, mostly it was about trying to do things in the best possible way (or when things won’t happen like that). now I am simply tired of explaining to everyone what perfect is!! Stacy: “I had to do what I thought was right”. House: “It’s the only […]

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I drive my car best, when I am not Driving

I was talking to my team over the weekend and I observed a behavior. I went about thinking how best can I explain to them what I observed and the analogy I could up with me led me to think how I have learned to drive over the years. It’s almost like I am not driving. […]

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2015 in Retrospect

New Year’s haven’t been a good start for me since 2012. And while I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning I want to make the most of this positive beginning.

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A good bye note which made me feel proud

One of my colleagues left my organization and moved on to do bigger things in his life. While there have been a lot of GoodBye emails in past, this is the first time that someone took time to write to me a personal good bye/thank you note. This is what he had to say and it […]

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