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Layer over Layer over Layer

I sit on a method (a manner) that I know will make me perform my duties more efficiently. Yet…

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Harsha Bhogle: Better bowlers, better Test team | Opinion | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo

One-day captaincy is much more about instinct and short-term rewards, which we in India are naturally adept at extracting. We see opportunities quickly, we rush in, we are satisfied. A space opens up in a crowded local train and we edge in there, a new counter opens at a bus station and we are first […]

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Dilbert: Growth… you dare say so…


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Interesting version of Ramayana

“So, there was a guy called ‘Ram’, this dude had a big cool kingdom and people liked him. But, his step-mom, or something, was kind of a bitch, and she forced her husband to, like, send this cool-dude, to some national forest or something…. Since he was going, for something like more than 10 years or so…. he decided to get his wife and his bro along…. you know…so that they could all chill out together. But

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Dilbert says “You are useless in Meetings”

Dilbert says “You are useless in Meetings”

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Dilbert says “Managers are useless”

Dilbert says “Managers are useless”

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Dilbert says “Lets make fun of the boss”

Dilbert says “Lets make fun of the boss”

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