I am stuck in a meeting

Why do people go to meetings that they feel they are stuck in. Or do they say it because everyone else also uses this term – “stuck”.


Life is as good as you can make it

Well, it is true. How happy or sad you are simple depends on how you deal with life and its challenges. Things can be very simple or they can be very complex – just think how do you want to handle them. Remember when you were a kid and you would do things that you would like to do – play, have fun. Tensions were very simple like need to finish your homework!!

Think now what has changed? You know many things around you that should make you happy. Look at your family – do you need anything else? Think real hard. I dont think so. So then why do we feel it that way. Because we want the best for people around us, the ones we love. Now what is the best – does it means the costiliest things are the best? Almost (almost) all of us think that way.  But that it not true. If you want to use a car to go to office which means driving through a crowded road in heat, all you need is a vehicle with 4 wheels that has an AC. What aditional purpose will a Ferari serve.

It is all in our minds, we want the costliest and not he best because we want to show it to others. This is a web that leads to only disontentment and nothing else.

Difficult, sure it is – I have still not reached where I should be, but am trying and believe me it helps. Try!!

Life is all about sacrifces !

“Life is all about sacrifices” – sometimes you sacrifice your likes for making someone feel happy; but what you actually do is not to sacrifice that love, trust and faith of the other person. You just choose which one is of lesser importance to you and you sacrifice that bit.

What inspired me to start this?

How may times do we find ourselves searching for answers, being at crossroads and not knowing what to do? But, eventualy we all take the decisions – are they right or are they not? No one knows and I believe that no one can know that. Things that seem right, may not seem so later.

So? I do not have all the answers, and i dont know if i ever will find some? But, I can try !! that is the important.

I saw a movie which inspires the title of the blog and here is my attempt to find the answers.

Giving up

No one gets to world-class in their work or in their personal lives without a relentless devotion to not giving up. Only those people are called heros who chose not to give up. Remember the war of “Troy”; a giant win only when it seemed like a tragic defeat.

Life often sends us curve balls; and has other things planned. We dream some dreams and expect then to come true. But no matter how hard we try, the clouds never part. Luck never smiles on us. But we continue to toil in darkness. That’s fine.

But sometimes, you get to a point where you just know. It’s not about losing hope. It’s about trusting life. That there’s an even better thing waiting for you. I will try to live a simple philosophy: “do your best and let life do the rest.” knowing it is not easy to let go of what you want. But, I will not loose faith and trust in God that there is something even better waiting just around the corner?

Bricks of Life

I was standing on my porch and when I noticed some masons working on a house. I saw them picking up bricks and putting them together and in a little while there was a wall; a little while later there was a structure of what later may be a beautiful room in the house.

Thinking of life in the same way; we are born and a foundation is laid. Then it is our parents who try to provide the best foundation during our childhood. Then we grow up and find life throwing bricks at us every day. It is then us only who can pick those up and build a great building or leave them scattered.

Just like we put together bricks to build a house that provides us shelter in stormy weathers, we should use the bricks of life to build a house of experience to help us in difficult times.