The Wait ~ now the surprise.

I had plans to get a new car for a while now and i finally made the decision early April 2013 to get one and started the hunt for the next one that I am going to love like the previous ones I have loved. This is going to be my new car – not the same color that I am going to get you should give you an idea of what I am getting in next few days.




Well, I have the paperwork done and all the money (down-payment) has been spent. But, I am still waiting for the car to be delivered. I am not sure what the wait is, but I was promised that I will get car before April 27th and here it is end of the month and I am still waiting. I had a chat with the dealer and he is now telling me that the car would be delivered on or after May 3rd and truly this is pissing me off.


I have been one of those impatient types – like to get things as soon as i decide what I am going to get – and this time I did try to put up a strong front and wait for the color that I wanted (there were actual two; one of them being my first preference, but the backup is good too). But, then eventually, I Was presented with an option that I can go for my second preferred color and get the car earlier, but then somehow it went into stalemate again.


Today, I was informed that my car is in transit and i dont know which color I am getting; for the first time I have detached myself at the very beginning with the waiting part. I still need that car quick, but I am done waiting, I will just let the dealer surprise me!!