Hats – which one are you wearing?

Today, I am having a very interesting conversation with a team member. And this conversation makes me remind how critical it is to wear different Hats. We are both debating on a problem statement and at some poing we both are right as well. There seems to be a few problems and we are having a good conversation trying to figure out what perspective we have to see the problem from. We both are somewhat guessing what would the people who we have to present this POV.


In the last few weeks, while I am trying to solve for some issues I have been forcing myself to wear several hats; I have been a Analyst, Strategist, Client, Delivery, Data-Collector and Fixer/Implementor. While I wore one at a time and it has been helping me immensely. Even though some of these roles are such that I have not played but what I know for a fact is that this is making me think DIFFERENTLY.


This is not the first time I did this, but when i think about it it seems I was just way too busy with my job day-in day-out. What Hat do I Wear not to forget this next time 🙂