2012 – Week

This exercise every week has started to bore me, yet I find value in doing this. A couple of weeks back, I went to using a bullet-point approach to list everything down and it kind of worked for me. And although I skipped last week, this week I am goig to use the approach

  • Work has picked up pace and last week I found myself sitting late in office on more than 1 occasions. Coming week is training including Saturday and it will be even more hectic
  • Saturday and Sunday were resting days. Given that I spend last weekend going out, this week I decided to stay back in and just not do anything
  • India lost their 3rd straight match in the CB Series and also the top 3 guns failed miserably. Media has been going crazy about how the communications have been handled between the selectors, captain and seniors
  • India beat Australia in a ODI which was nice, but there was still some disappointment because Sachin was dropped
  • I continue to do well on some goals while others are simply put on the back burner.

Good night; we will talk more about this next week.