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A friend blogged about “Sachin’s retirement” a topic that has recently been very close to my heart (and many others I safely presume). What the author said is so true…

Cricket just like any other game is competitive and a team has to be on the top. No matter how much I love Tendulkar, even I know he has to go one day. I have been kind of prepared of that day to be end of WC 2011 and with India winning I personally thought the time is right. He has done it all, even having not having the 100th 100 for which he will be remembered forever just like Don missing out on his 4 runs in last match.

I believe, someone in selection committee will commit a mutiny but it will be behind the closed rooms unless Sachin identifies when he is ready to go. I dont think fans like us will see it getting messy. No matter who decides, Sachin will be [has to be] allowed to go on his own for the fans. We can not have him go like a Ganguly or a Ponting. He is God of Cricket and for us we have to see him announce his retirement – that much I am sure he has earned maybe thats what the author you quoted meant

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