Rotate Sachin? Why? Even Stats are saying otherwise

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Yesterday (Feb 12), was when India beat Australia in a ODI in a decent manner, yet all I felt was disappointment. For the first time, I was not happy that my team had won, I was rather sad how they have decided to treat their master batsman.

India in the recent CB series came up with a rotation policy – they started off by resting Sehwag, followed by Gambhir and on Sunday they rested Sachin. From all the various games I have seen over the years – Cricket, Soccer, Basketball – rotation has been a useful thing when a team is struggling and they managers/coaches/captains need to find a set of players that tick. However, the way India management (including Dhoni) has handled rotation simply makes no sense to me and to experts as well – several articles have been published where people have questions this policy. A few are listed here:

Let’s simply look at how the top 3 have been performing in Australia in recent times (not considering the ODI on Sunday because decision to rotate out Sachin was done before that match) – and I dont have to put forward stats to tell that Sachin has been most consistent. Sachin has not amassed a big score yet has has provided us with consistent starts. Gambhir on the other hand was a complete flop in test matches, but in a few T20 and ODI that we have played he had already played a crucial inning in T20 to take India to a win. Now, lets ask what has Sehwag done – apart from that one inning in Adelade in Test match and that too where he got out to a full-toss.

Understood that we do not want to play all the 3 because that forces us to leave Raina or Rohit out – that makes sense. But, when you have 2 openers – Sachin and Gambhir doing well for you – why rotate them out? Makes no sense to me – does it make any sense to you? What it only does is add extra pressure to the top-3 for India. Where they lived in harmony, not they are playing for a spot (including Sachin and Sehwag). You can call it team work and that everyone understands, but  hear otherwise because Gambhir after scoring a crucial 92 quoted

This XI had that belief that we can beat Australia today. For me this was the best playing XI. It’s not about names, it’s about people who can go out there and have that belief from No. 1 to No. 11. If they have the belief that ‘yes, we can win this game’, that’s the best playing XI. You don’t want names, you want people who can deliver. We have shown it, I think

“We don’t want names, we want people who can deliver…” would I be wrong if I read this as “Sachin is a name” – do you want me to bring out the stats again? Gambhir is a captain – KKR and he could be looking at the vice captaincy in some time. He has to be wise before saying. I can see that he might be under stress with his position in the team not sure at this point especially when Kohli has been doing so well.

To the rotation policy, this is the last thing we want to happen in the team – when one player thinks that the person who has been rotated out is not needed any more. We need to send a clear message if someone is dropped. And then if India team has to drop out Sachin Tendulkar especially in his current form or should I say in Indian team’s current form, does not make fans like me happy. If Sachin is available for selection, I want to see him play. Sachin is someone who knows when the time has come to go and he will go. He if God of cricket and if you have God on your side and you dont play him, even when your other openers are not preforming…..

I have this bad feeling in my stomach since yesterday that tell me, that Sachin maybe has outgrown the game – maybe he should just let go. We all know he loves the game and we know he is still performing, can will continue till he knows he can perform. It is just too hurtful to see our beloved icon, sitting on a bench.

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2 thoughts on “Rotate Sachin? Why? Even Stats are saying otherwise”

  1. India has long operated with mediocre stand-ins for established openers – look at Dinesh Karthik, Murali VIjay, Parthiv Patel and Ajinkya Rahane. Sachin has been much better but still he failed on tougher pitches in first 2ODIs away in South Africa.

    It has always been possible for the top-order to make up their terrible performances such as these with stacks of runs on flat-pitches. Please don’t compare the top-order averages to the big-hitter (MATCH-WINNER) in the middle-order.

    In England India had an ineffective Rahul Dravid at No. 3 (please check stats). Kohli came up with one good performance on the flat 5th ODI – but if you look at the match, the duo took so long that despite Dhoni’s heroic efforts, India were short of runs and lost. Not much good if you ask me.

    It was the middle-order of Raina and Dhoni along with Jadeja that helped India to put up decent total. Also in the last match v Australia, it was Raina and Dhoni with match-winning performance.

    Raina must never be dropped. There isn’t anyone in the top 5-6 that can match him. He is very-underrated. We know that from the World cup..


    1. I have not said that we should play all three openers at the cost of dropping Raina or Rohit. As a matter of fact, I have agreed to the fact that they both should play so that we can find players who play in the middle – there is no comparison because those are 2 very different positions and need specialist.

      the point is why rotate Sachin, when Sehwag is not in the form. You quoted example of Sachin’s struggle in 2 ODIs in SA – a) this has nothing to talk about his ability playing away matches (he averages 37 in away and 50 in neutral matches) which is by far the best compared to any other player playing away (maybe not Dravid). And the 2 ODIs you mentioned are the only 2 ODIs he played in that year in away matches and those were just before World Cup, where he was the best batsman – no need to check stats there. The question is simply put “why rotate a relatively inform player, when rotation should be to get players back in form”. We should continue with Sachin and Gambhir for a few matches and give them a chance to be back in form.

      Simply put, would India now make Gambhir sit out, in next match against Austalia when it is his time to sit out?? Does that makes sense??


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